Description[edit | edit source]

Death Spider Emperor is a spider type spirit. It's a regent of bug type spirit beasts.

Once transformed the Spirit Masters legs are gone and from his waist down everything is transformed in a giant spherical body, and from this spheroid grew eight coarse long legs. Those eight legs have large tufts of green fur, as well as sickening mucus constantly dripping to the ground with puffing sounds. Intensely corrosive. The skin on his upper body will also be covered with a purple black armor, and even his face is hidden by a carapace. Below both eyes grow another four little eyes.

Death Domain[edit | edit source]

Death Domain is the innate domain of the Death Spider Emperor, with extremely powerful effects. All the user's attributes were amplified by ten percent, all the enemy's attributes reduced by twenty precent, and were unable to use any stealth or teleportation abilities within its range, and at the same time caused mental detterence, the user's mental strength boosted by twenty percent, the enemy's mental strength reduced by twenty precent. But the most terrifying effect was the extremely toxic enviroment.

Wherever the domain reached was filled with the Death Spider Emperor's poison. Extreme corrosion and diffusion, and could also lower the enemy's speed by ten percent. If they were poisoned, their bodies would constantly weaken, until death. If it was used in battle, it was a catastrophic existence to common soldiers.

Users[edit | edit source]

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