Deep Sea Demon Whale King
Demonic Whale
Name Deep Sea Demon Whale King
Also Known As Overlord of the Ocean
Age 1,000,000 years -(Chapter 305)
Species Demonic Whale
Vital Status Deceased

Appearance Edit

The Deep Sea Demon Whale King has a body over two hundred meters in length- Its tail alone is 200m. Its whole body shines like a sapphire and has two huge eyes on its head. However, its left eye had been damaged which made the whale blind on its left side. Each eye has a diameter of nearly three meters. It is recorded in the novel that one of its eyes had been damaged by the previous Seagod

Description Edit

Deep Sea Demonic Whale King is a million-year-old Spirit Beast. It strives to become a demon god after defeating Tang San and is the most powerful Spirit Beast in the ocean. It has a Domain called Ocean Domain. As well as striving to become a demon god, another wish it has was to become the new Sea God after devouring Tang San.

The Deep Sea Demon Whale King is capable of speaking.

Human Form: "This person was more than three meters tall, deep blue hair scattered behind it. Most astonishing was that he wore a set of bizarre deep purple armour. The armour that seemed crystalline, formed a chest, shoulder, stomach armour, battle skirt, as well as an armour for all four limbs, a full set. No cracks could be seen at the joints. It also included a tall neck protector, surrounding its head in a semicircle, with a gill-like pattern. All the energy in the air seemed to be compressed together in this instant. And at the same time, behind it also appeared an enormous deep purple whirlpool. The whirlpool slowly floated, turning from behind him to in front, finally condensing into a fist sized gem on his chest. It was definitely a precious gem, and inside it still flickered with rotating energy, seeming especially bizarre."

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