History[edit | edit source]

This collection of islands suddenly appeared around six thousand years ago in the North Sea area of the Douluo Continent. On each island is a destruction fragment that caused all life and origin energy to disappear as if they never existed. Even though there are still plant life on the island, they have no life energy. Only in the center of Demon Island, there is life and origin energy. Sea beasts roam in the ocean surrounding the islands because of the life energy suppressing the destruction energy on the islands. Every hundred years, there is a life tide that is very beneficial to cultivation for spirit beasts and soul masters. Shrek Academy uses the island as a train ground for their students. Their training is directed by the Seven Old Demons, an old generation of Shrek Seven Devils that perished on the island, the destruction fragment destroying their bodies, and the life energy transforming them into ghosts. If they leave the island, they will die without a host. Very few students managed to complete the training. Most of them broke down mentally.

Inhabitants[edit | edit source]

  • Old Demon Greed
  • Old Demon Sloth
  • Old Demon Devour
  • Old Demon Lust
  • Old Demon Blight
  • Old Demon Loathe
  • Old Demon Nightmare

Plot[edit | edit source]

The Shrek Seven Devils went to the island for military training. They trained on the island inside an illusion created by Nightmare. In the real world they spent three months on Island, while in the illusion, it was more than a year. Once they completed their training, they left the island.

A few years later, under the suggestion of Wulin, the academy sent more students to the island for training.

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