Demoneye Tree
Name Demoneye Tree
Also Known As
Species Plant Spirit Beast
Vital Status

Description Edit

Demoneye Tree is a Plant-type Spirit Beast. Compared to animal-type soul beasts, plant-type spirit beasts found it more difficult to survive. They grew slower than animal-type spirit beasts when they were young. Generally speaking, plant-type spirit beasts had to reach a thousand-year cultivation before they could protect themselves, whereas animal-type spirit beasts already possessed fighting strength at a ten-year cultivation.

Demoneye Trees were considered a rare species in the Great Star Dou Forest, they weren’t considered very strong, even if they cultivated into spirit beasts. This is because they are considered spiritual-type and are most adept at using their tree eye to numb and control their opponents. After that, they will gradually use their corrosive sap to kill them. While their opponents rot away, they will turn into nourishment for these Demoneye Trees.

The Demoneye Trees’ survival rate is considered quite high among plant-type soul beasts, as they don’t have any fruit that other spirit beasts found extremely tempting. In addition, they even release a pungent smell. Generally speaking, it is not common for other spirit beasts to take interest in them.

Significant Specimens Edit

Myriad Demon King Edit

It's the fifth of the Ten Savage Beasts.

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