Description[edit | edit source]

Devouring Dragon is also known as a Mini-Tyrant Dragon.

Devouring Dragons are very similar to Tyrant Dragons in terms of its appearance. However, it is easy to tell them apart from their sizes. A Devouring Dragon is very good at defense, but it is different from a Tyrant Dragon in the sense that its innate spirit skill was extremely domineering. Its innate spirit skill is called Devouring Heaven and Earth. It is innately bloodthirsty; it can recover its energy and evolve by devouring its enemy after killing it.

Even in the world of Spirit Beasts, Devouring Dragons aren’t too popular. That is because they are too brutal. In the eyes of a Devouring Dragon, every creature is just a target to kill and devour. It doesn’t matter whether one was a Spirit Beast or a human, or whether one is a strong opponent. It will only stop its rampage after killing and filling its stomach. After this, it will enter a deep sleep.

A Devouring Dragon grows much faster than ordinary Spirit Beasts. In general, they needs only a thousand years to reach the cultivation of an ordinary ten thousand year Spirit Beast. However, they are usually killed when they meets a stronger opponent due to their bloodthirstiness.

Appearance [edit | edit source]

Devouring Dragon has thick scales covering its entire body. Its lower limbs are extremely thick, and it moves in an upright manner. Its upper limbs are short and small. It only has three fingers on each limb, but it has sharp claws that shines with cold light.

The thick scales on its body are dark blue, and there are at least three layers of them. They looks extremely thick. It is four meters in height, and seems extremely muscular. Its head is also unusually large, and occupies one-third of its body. It drags a thick, three meter-long tail behind it.

History[edit | edit source]

Huo Yuhao encounters one Devoring Dragon with +20.000 years battling with an Fiery Evileye Tyrant of +10.000 years in the Eyedemon Forest, in Sun Moon Empire. Huo Yuhao killed the two Spirit Beast in self defense.

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