Di Tian
Di Tian
Name Di Tian
Chinese 帝天
Also Known As Golden Eyes Black Dragon King (金眼黑龙王)

Beast God (兽神)
Top of the 'Great Beasts'.

Age 890,000 years (SL2)

900,000 years (SL3)
910,000 years (SL4)

Species Dragon God Bloodline - Darkness Attribute - Golden Eyes Black Dragon (金眼黑龙)
Vital Status Alive
Quasi-Spirit soul

Description Edit

Di Tian is the last Golden Eye Black Dragon. He is the publicly known strongest Spirit Beast in the world. He owns the Dragon King's Claw, an artifact/technique bestowed by the Dragon God to his loyal guards, the Black Dragon King clan. In Soul Land IV Book 9, it indirectly hinted both top female Spirit Beasts, Bi Ji and Zi Ji, deeply love him.

Appearance Edit

It's an enormous dragon whose size couldn’t be distinguished shimmered amidst the dark clouds. Its entire body was covered with pitch-black scales, but it shone with dark purple colors within those dark clouds.

In human form, he is a handsome middle-aged man in a black robe with golden lines who possesses black hair with one golden strand hanging, sharp deep golden pupil eyes, with an at least 2 meter height body and broad shoulders.

Personality Edit

During the events of SL2 and SL3, he has a complete hatred of humans and pressing his lord, the Silver Dragon King, to act. In SL4, he appears to be in a neutral stance to humans to point of moving years before from Douluo Planet to Elf Planet. He cares much about his fellow spirit beasts and does what he can to prevent them from going extinct. He clearly stated due to his pride, he will never contract as the spirit soul of a human. He also possesses strong loyalty to the Dragon God, willing subordinating himself as a spirit soul to Lan Xuanyu, his little Lord (young master) and reincarnation of the Dragon God.

History Edit

SL2 Edit

Huo Yuhao fought Di Tian as the last part of his God of Emotions Trials. In this fight, Yuhao presented to Di Tian the potential of spirit souls.

SL3 Edit

Di Tian was present with multiple other spirit beasts as the awaken Silver Dragon King descended upon the Star Dou Forest. He later appeared in the Dragon Clan Graveyard with five other Great Beasts and Gu Yuena to search for the Dragon God's core.

SL4 Edit

Book 9: Before the events of SL4, the spirit beasts signed a pact with humanity. Since then, humanity has colonized multiple planets and stopped the hunting of spirit beasts. Two of the planets were given to the spirit beasts to inhabit. Di Tian lived on Elf Planet with some Great Beasts, many other spirit beasts, and the elves, who were the original inhabitants. He invited people from the Federation, Shrek Academy, Tang Sect, and the Spirit Pagoda to witness him break through in his cultivation to a God. Before the time of his break through attempt, Tang Xuanyu and his class came to the Elf Planet to witness the event and get spirit souls by forming a contract with a spirit beast. He sent over a hundred spirit beasts to the class to chose from. Later on, he had his daughter escort Xuanyu to meet him.

Upon confirming Xuanyu's identity, Di Tian changes his plans about becoming a God. He chooses to secretly feign death by heavenly tribulation, advising Bi Ji and Zi Ji of spirit souls, and become Xuanyu's spirit soul that very night. However, because Di Tian was extremely weakened from the earlier breakthrough attempt, he advises Xuanyu about his condition of 1-year sleep (Quasi-God Spiritual Protection is the only current ability he can give Xuanyu) and to keep his existence secret from Gu Yuena and Tang Wulin.

Book 10: When coming back from their Shrek Outer Court 1st Year Final Exam, Lan Xuanyu and Bai Xiuxiu visit Teacher Nana at Sun Moon Academy near Shrek Academy. Once arrived, both exhausted children fall asleep in Teacher Nana's room, but Teacher Nana's presence alerts Zi Ji and Di Tian. This prompts them to spiritually appear in front of her, informing her true identity as the Silver Dragon King, the state of spirit beasts and sympathy for her amnesia. Di Tian hides Tang Wulin's existence from her too. This encounter also makes the re-slumbering Di Tian to question why Xuanyu calls Gu Yuena Teacher Nana when the family relation is obvious. Di Tian is revealed to have lied to Xuanyu. Quasi-Spirit Soul Di Tian's sleep does not require 1-year, but 3 years minimum for stabilization, and Di Tian is monitoring Xuanyu's life 24/7 since he became his Spirit Soul.

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