Fighting Style

Di Tian is the Beast Spirit with the biggest cultivation of the world. He is extremenly powerful.

Golden Eyed Dark Dragon

As a Golden Eyed Balck Dragon, Di Tian has the Ultimate Darkness element.

Some of his abilities are:

  • Myriad Dragon Flames: It is an attack which consists in terrifying purplish-black dragon flames.
  • Black Dragon Annihilation: It is an area attack, which consist in create countless purple bubbles that explotes with a touch.


Yin Yang Complement technique

When Di Tian formed his Second Soul Core, he used the Yin Yang Complement technique. This allows him to unleash all the power of his elements, the Ultimate Darkness and the Spatial element, and merge dem together.

When it is activated, a black sun and a purple moon appeared behind him as they overlapped and illuminated one another. Di Tian’s frightening aura began to surge once again at an incredible rate.


  • Dragon King’s Claw: Carries the Dragon God’s aura. Once the Dragon King’s Claw was unleashed, every single spirit beast that wasn’t similarly blessed by a God had to submit. Otherwise, they would perish, and disappear into oblivion in the face of the Dragon King’s Claw.
  • Dark Dragon Sword: This sword’s hilt was three feet long, and the blade was eight feet long. The hilt was black, and resembled a black dragon. The blade was dark purple, and the terrifying sword intent seemed to tear an enormous hole in the sky when the sword appeared.
  • DI Tian's Reversal Scale.
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