Diamond Baboon
Name Diamond Baboon
Chinese 金刚狒狒
Also Known As Vajra Baboon
Age 1,000+ years ~ 10,000 years
Species Ape
Vital Status Spirit Soul

Description Edit

A Diamond Baboon was a power-type soul beast, one of the most powerful ape-types. In fact, its strength even surpassed that of the Titan Giant Ape. The greatest of Diamond Baboons stood over forty meters tall, a true goliath of a beast with strength to match its size. They were hailed as one of the freaks of the soul beasts world. Few possessed greater physical strength than a Diamond Baboon, and it could definitely claim to be the king of strength. The Diamond Baboon’s might lay in its pure strength, and strength led to terrifying speed. This earned it the title of King of the Jungle.

Yet the Titan Giant Ape remained superior, not because of its strength or abilities, but because of its intelligence! In comparison, the Diamond Baboon was all brawn and no brains, and therein lay its greatest weakness.

Ape-type soul beasts were generally smarter than other soul beasts, but Diamond Baboons went against this trend. In fact, some wondered if they even had brains. They possessed violent dispositions, were fond of slaughtering others, and seemed to act based on instinct alone. Apart from their monstrous strength, they only possessed a single soul skill, Enrage! As the name suggested, it produced effects similar to that caused by Xu Lizhi’s red bean buns. Unlike bloodthirst, however, Enrage strained the user’s body, not their soul power, and even granted a greater boost of strength that could reach as high as fifty percent![1]

As a power-type soul beast, it possessed formidable strength, speed, and physical defense. In exchange for having no long-ranged abilities, it was unparalleled at close quarters.[2]

Although the Diamond Baboon and the Titan Giant Ape were both ape-type soul beasts, they were mortal enemies. In ancient times, Diamond Baboons were subservient to Titan Giant Apes. Titan Giant Apes were individually stronger than Diamond Baboons, but the baboons far outnumbered their lords, and one day, an exceptionally intelligent Diamond Baboon was born. With a leader to rally them, the Diamond Baboons rose up against the Titan Giant Apes. The resulting rebellion led to many losses on both sides and started a war between the two races that rocked the world of soul beasts. Titan Giant Apes were peak-level soul beasts, while Diamond Baboons only fell slightly short of them. A war between such powerhouses shocked the heavens as well!

This war continued for hundreds of years until the Titan Giant Apes paid a steep price to kill that intelligent Diamond Baboon. Without a leader, the Diamond Baboons collapsed. Yet the Titan Giant Apes paid dearly for their victory. A great number of them died because of the war, and they lost their position as one of the ruling factions in the world of soul beasts. Although they still held onto their power as kings of the forest, they no longer acted as boldly as before. Anyone well-versed in soul beast history knew of the grudge between these two races. Saying that this grudge ran as deep as the sea would be an understatement!

Even back when soul beasts littered the land, Titan Giant Apes and Diamond Baboons would be at each other’s throats the moment they laid eyes on each other. Diamond Baboons knew they couldn’t kill the Titan Giant Apes, but they would rather die trying.[3]

Plot Edit

Soul Land 3 Edit

A Diamond Baboon appeared when Tang Wulin, Gu Yuena, Xie Xie, Xu Lizhi, Xu Xiaoyan, Yue Zhengyu, and Yuanen Yehui challenged the Tower Attack at the Spirit Pagoda. It got angry as soon as it saw Yuanen Yehui and charged right at her without any regard to its own safety.

Soul Land 4 Edit

A Diamond Baboon was within the crowd of ten thousand year old spirit beasts that the Thorn Dragon brought with him when he returned to Tang Xuanyu. It chose not to become any of the Shrek Academy first grade students spirit soul.

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