Diamond Bangle
Name Diamond Bangle
Also Known As
Type Equipment


Diamond Bangle is a Divine Weapon. It possessed great devouring abilities on any weapons. It could devour any weapon and even had some effect on martial souls. There is a small space within this Diamond Bangle. It is not big, but it is a space completely cut off from the outside world.

It looks like a metal bangle. It is white in colour and it glows with incandescent white light.

The emperor of Star Luo Empire alone had the authority to wield it


Diamond Bangle was not brought over from Douluo Continent when the Star Luo Empire was established. It originated from the current Star Luo Continent. It was the imperial divine weapon of the modern Star Luo Empire. Nobody knew where exactly it came from.

After the Star Luo Empire’s great migration back then, the people came to this continent and were naturally faced with the rejection from the aboriginals. A conqueror would always have to pay a price. At that time, although the Star Luo Empire was no match for the Douluo Federation, they had no problem dealing with these aboriginals.

During the great battle, one of the tribal leaders took out this Diamond Bangle. It had caused great trouble to the Star Luo Empire’s army for a time.


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