Description[edit | edit source]

Divine Tools are created by Gods or very powerful beings close to the power of Gods like a divine blacksmith, with only a True God being able to utilize their true power since it requires immortal energy to tap into these weapons true strength. Each Divine Tool is divided into ranks from Quasi-Divine, Divine, Psuedo Ultra Divine, and Ultra Divine Tool with each having intelligence and different kinds of abilities. Depending on the ranks of these Divine Weapons, the wielder strength can be increased by a certain amount. For example, a God with an Ultra Divine Weapon can gain the strength of a God-King even while being weaker than one with the tools simply boosting their strength to that higher-dimension level. But it won't allow them to beat those at the higher-level at the same time.

They are in many shapes and forms like weapons, armor, arrows, and etc. It's possible for a Divine Weapon to be exhausted if it's used too much and it can break if it's overused, with them also being able to break from other Gods destroying them.

Battle Armor can be classified as a divine tool if it was made using seven or more heavenly refined metals.

List of Divine Tools[edit | edit source]

Ultra Divine Tools Pseudo Ultra Divine Tools Divine Tools
  • Morning Dew Dagger
  • True Sun Dagger
  • Proud Sky Dagger
  • Long Life Dagger
  • Jade Pearls Dagger
  • Holy Brilliance Dagger
  • Devil Devouring Dagger
  • Shaking Heaven Zither
  • Overlord Bow
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