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Dong Qianqiu
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Name Dong Qianqiu
Chinese 冻千秋
Also Known As Great White Shark Princess

Bai Xiuxiu (Real Name)

Species Sea Soul Beast - Demon Spirit Great White Shark
Age 90,000+ (SL3)

100,000+ (10 years old in appearance)
(SL4 Current)

100,000+ (16 years old in appearance)

Gender Female
Hair Color Deep Blue
Eye Color Deep Blue
Personal Status
Vital Status Alive
Relatives Lan Xuanyu (Boyfriend)
Master Gu Yuena
Spirit Demon Spirit Great White Shark (1st Awakening)
Abyss Demon Dragon Shark (2nd Awakening)
Abyss Ice Demon Dragon (3rd Awakening)
Spirit Rank Spirit Grand Master (大魂师) - Rank 20+


Titled Douluo (题为多罗) - Rank 90

Spiritual Realm Spirit Sea Realm
Spirit Rings 2 Yellow


4 Black
4 Orange-Gold

System Power Attack System
Professional Status
Occupation Inner Court Shrek Student

Spirit Master
Tang Sect Disciple
Battle Armour Master
Mecha Master
Military Officer
Fighter Pilot

Affiliation Heaven Dou Academy

Shrek Academy
Tang Sect
33 Sky Wings

Light Novel Debut Chapter 64
Manhua Debut Chapter 31

Appearance Edit

Dong Qianqiu has long, flowing ocean-blue hair in which she always uses her large, pink ribbon to style her hair up. She also has ocean-blue eyes. She is portrayed as being remarkably beautiful, and "Lan Xuanyu" commented that she is the most beautiful girl of the same age he has ever seen. Dong Qianqiu also has fair, peach-white skin and a delicate build.

Personality Edit

History Edit

Dong Qianqiu met Tang Wulin 10,000 years ago when he was completing one of the Sea God trials.

Plot Edit

Explain: Dong Qianqiu is I Qiyi (爱奇艺)'s Literature department's manager's real name, she also one of TJSS's friend, TJSS used her real name in SL4, in China, there are many Soul Land series's hentai fanfics (色情同人小说), Qianqiu is SL4's heroine so many readers wrote her in these, so Qianqiu's prototype doesn't like her real name in these hentai fanfics, so TJSS change heroine's name as Bai Xiuxiu.

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