Since I have chosen you, I can only follow you. I have only one request, no matter what you do, where you are, you must take me with you. You must not let me go and take risks by yourself. If you want to take risks, let’s take risks together. This kind of life is thrilling, but it is really meaningful. If one day, we really meet the risk of confrontation, then I will bear it with you. Whether you live or die, we are all together. Therefore, you must think about it when making any decision. If you die, I will die. There is no second possibility, If you want to go to the Dragon Realm, you go, but take me with you. I am your dragon.
— Bai Xiuxiu

Appearance[edit | edit source]

Human Appearance[edit | edit source]

Dong Qianqiu has long, flowing ocean-blue hair in which she always uses her large, pink ribbon to style her hair up. She also has ocean-blue eyes. She is portrayed as being remarkably beautiful, and "Lan Xuanyu" commented that she is the most beautiful girl of the same age he has ever seen. Dong Qianqiu also has fair, peach-white skin and a delicate build.

Beast Appearance[edit | edit source]

It was a shark with a long, slim body. Its white body was beautifully streamlined.

Personality[edit | edit source]

She is proud but not arrogant, and little bit of introvert always cold in front of others, only opening herself to the one she's close to.

She is very shy when Xuanyu is showing love affection in public and easily get blush when others tease her about her relationship with Lan Xuanyu.

History[edit | edit source]

Dong Qianqiu met Tang Wulin 10,000 years ago when he was completing one of the Sea God trials. She was the Demon Spirit Great White Shark's princess. After helping with the trial, she returned to her clan, only to find them massacred by the Demon Empress. This caused her great trauma and rage. She witnessed Tang Wulin kill the Demon Empress.

She fell into hibernation after the war with the Abyss Plane and woke up 10,000 years later. Xiuxiu's sadness caused her to become amnesic. She transformed herself into a human and was placed in a orphanage on Heaven Dou Planet after being found by someone.

Plot[edit | edit source]

Explain: Dong Qianqiu is I Qiyi (爱奇艺)'s Literature department's manager's real name, she also one of TJSS's friend, TJSS used her real name in SL4, in China, there are many Soul Land series's hentai fanfics (色情同人小说), Qianqiu is SL4's heroine so many readers wrote her in these, so Qianqiu's prototype doesn't like her real name in these hentai fanfics, so TJSS change heroine's name as Bai Xiuxiu.

Volume 1: ()[edit | edit source]

Heaven Dou Academy[edit | edit source]

Dong Qianqiu was enrolled into Heaven Dou Academy and was in Gu Yuena's ancient martial artists class. She became Gu Yuena's 2nd disciple after Lan Xuanyu.

When Lan Xuanyu, , and were in the middle of one their simulation trials, she was summoned by Xuanyu using Qian Lei summoning gate. She helped the guys defeat the Lava Wolves before disappearing back into the gate.

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