Dou Ling Empire
Name Dou Ling Empire
Chinese 斗灵帝国
Also Known As Dou Spirit Empire
Area Dou Ling Continent
Head Xue Yuntian

Description Edit

Dou Ling Empire is one of the three great empires in the old Douluo Continent. It was once part of the Heaven Dou Empire which then broke into two empires as Heaven Spirit Empire and Dou Ling Empire.

Ten thousand years ago, before SL3, the Dou Ling Empire, after its defeat at the hands of the Sun-Moon Empire had embarked on a voyage and had experienced many hardships and perils. In the end, they discovered a huge continent which also had some indigenous humans. However, their development couldn’t even compare with the Douluo Continent’s. They were conquered by the Dou Ling Empire and the continent was named the Dou Ling Continent.[1]

Tang Wulin went to the empire as the leader of Tang Sect and to look for his adoptive parents. The Dou Ling Empire is behind in technology compared to the Federation and the Star Luo Empire.

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