Douluo Divine Realm
Douluo Divine Realm
Name Douluo Divine Realm
Chinese 斗罗神界
Also Known As The Divine Realm
Head Five Great God Kings

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This is where all people and beasts from many different worlds, who have ascended to become gods, go to, after leaving their homeworlds. Gods are rarely allowed to interfere in mortal affairs unless it involves an entire world. It is ruled by a council consisted of the Five Great God Kings. The Realm is very vast. It is the home of many gods, beasts, and animals. A Divine realm is a place with no pure concept of Time and Space, making it hard for a God to breakthrough through space in it. The realm doesn't have a physical existence as it's a special space that exists in the realm of thought, that latches itself on to all of the planes in a galaxy.

A Divine Realm itself controls the galaxy it's made in and with the destruction of it being able to lead to the complete annihilation of an entire galaxy with it forming a black hole afterward. There are many Divine Realms in the universe. At present, there are seven alive divine realms confirmed.

History Edit

According to Gu Yuena[1]: Edit

"Legend has it that there were Five Great God Kings in the Divine Realm. They formed the council of the Divine Realm and were the rulers whereby they supervised the world under them. Because the Divine Realm was created by these high-ranked humans, these Godhood humans regarded themselves superior over the rest. In the beginning, everything was fine. With the passing of time, an ideology that the beasts were supposed to serve the humans took hold. What followed was the Godhood humans naturally prevailed over the Godhood beasts, and the humans ended up enslaving the beasts."


The Start of the Dragon God's War

"The Godhood humans were more powerful. They controlled the hub of the Divine Realm with the five God Kings. Their powers far exceeded the Godhood beasts, so the Godhood beasts had to endure the abuse. One day, a Godhood beast encountered an unjust treatment where it was being hunted down. Upon learning of the mistreatment of one of their own, the Divine beasts were infuriated. The Five Great God Kings dealt with the Divine officer who mistreated the Godhood beast, but they could not pacify the wrath of the Divine Beasts. Out of rage, the Dragon God proposed to lead the Divine beasts into leaving the Divine Realm and establish another Divine Realm that would solely belong to them. The council of the Divine Realm controlled by the Five Great God Kings would never approve of that. Thus, a major conflict erupted. However, the Dragon God refrained himself and chose to compromise. Not long after that, when he felt that he was well prepared, he led the Divine beasts into starting a war."


The Dragon God Split in Two

"The war lasted for a long time in the Divine Realm. It brought an unfortunate catastrophe to the Divine Realm. More than a third of the Godhood humans were casualties during the war. It was the heaviest hit they suffered since the creation of the Divine Realm. But in the end, the Divine beasts lost the war. The council of the Divine Realm was overly powerful. The Dragon God was severed into two by the Asura God of the Five Great God Kings."

"The Godhood humans banished the Divine beasts from the Divine Realm completely. No one knew of the whereabouts of the Golden Dragon King and the Silver Dragon King. Ever since then, there were no Godhood beasts in the Divine Realm. Any beast that was qualified in ascending to the Divine Realm was suppressed in the world beneath and rendered incapable of subliming to a higher level."

According to Soul Land 2.5 Edit

Not all the faults were on the human gods. After all, the Dragon God was a stubborn and arrogant individual, refusing to compromise with the council and selfishly starting a war because he didn't want to wait and desired to build a Divine Realm according to his ideal. Due to this fact, the Divine Council passed a Divine punishment that prevented Spirit Beasts from attaining Godhood through their own efforts.

The Dragon God wanted to create a Divine Realm that human gods and beast gods could live together in harmony. This was a very noble dream; however, the action that the Dragon God took to attain his dream was too violent.

According to Xiao Bao Edit

The Dragon God ruled as the leader of the Douluo Divine Realm with many Planets/Planes under its control. With the passage of time, human gods appeared in the divine realm and after a few years, they stood firm in the divine realm. At the time, the human gods revered the Dragon God. Worried that the humans might threaten the Dragon God's rule, the divine beasts urge the dragon god to prevent them from developing. The Dragon God listened and reduced the quantity of humans able to become gods. Over time, the Dragon God started to have emotional outbursts, becoming angry for no apparent reason and sometimes killing a subordinate.

Every time the divine realm expands, the Dragon God stabilizes it, but this destabilizes his mind or spiritual realm and he has to go recuperate afterward. With the passage of time, his mood became harder and harder to control until one day he started killing human gods thus starting the God war.

The war started because the Dragon God went mad because of the destruction and life energies contained within his body. The Dragon God killed both divine beasts and human gods alike during his rampage until the Asura God released him from his suffering by splitting him into two different entities, one with his power of life and the other with his power of destruction.

The war killed over 70% of the Gods and Divine Beasts. This caused the Divine Realm to decline and the number of planes under their control falling. The god aura and the divine beast's bloodline aura leaked out from the divine realm and fell onto the Douluo Planet causing spirit masters and spirit beasts to appear on the planet.

Plot Edit

Three of the Godkings and many other Gods retired and handed their positions over to their successors. Many went to the lower realms. Tang San was left in charge of the Divine Realm Committee by the original God of Evil and Goddess of Kindness.

Soul Land 2.5 - Legend of the Divine Realm Edit

The five God Kings were holding a meeting within the Divine Realm Committee Chamber. Hui Mie suggested expanding the Divine Realm again, but was turned down by Tang San. He left in anger. His wife, Sheng Ming, informed and congratulated Tang San on his second child, before going to pacify Hui Mie. Tang San went home to see Xiao Wu.

---DD2.5 Timeline---

Soul Land 3.5 - Tang Sect's Heroes Biography Edit

After getting caught in the spatial turbulence, the Douluo Divine Realm was then sucked up by a black hole where they found other divine realms from different planes of existences trapped in as well due to their own circumstances.

Tang San takes command of the situation and becomes the representative of the Douluo Divine Realm and goes over to meet the representatives of the other divine realms.

  1. Child of Light Divine Realm - Representative: Zhang Gongwei
  2. The Kind Death God Divine Realm - Representative: A'Dai
  3. Space Speedstar Hen Divine Realm - Representative: Tian Hen
  4. Mad God Divine Realm - Representative: Lei Xiang
  5. Zither Emperor Divine Realm - Representative: Ye Yinzhu
  6. Only I Shall Be Immortal Divine Realm - Representative: Hai Long

There they discuss the method of escaping the Black Hole

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Divine Realm Headquarters Edit

Divine Realm Committee Chamber Edit

The Five Great God Kings meet within the chamber to discuss policies and regulations regarding the Divine Realm. All of the Gods meet during the general assembly to conduct voting for new polices and regulations like expanding the Divine Realm.

Gods Realm comittee

Committee Chamber

Borderland Edit

Gods Realm

Border of the Divine Realm

Path to Godhood[2] Edit

The so-called Godhood is actually a sublimation after one's life force has achieved a level similar to that of the Natural Elements in the universe. In fact, the definition of God in the beginning originated from this definition of mankind. Thus, the apex of existence, for humans from multiple planets, formed the Divine Realm. True Gods are beings who have attained the Strenght, Position, and Immortal Qi of a God. Immortal Qi and a God Position can only be gained from a God Realm but it possible for a mortal to attain the strenght of a God without a God Realm. Only a God-King is able to manipulate and utilize Immortal Qi without a God Realm, as their existence is able to generate and take it from the universe. A God King can not be created without a God-Realm as the energy requirement is way too much without exceptions. And a God-King who resides in the universe without a God-Position will be destroyed by the Universe.

They also founded a series of hierarchical systems in the Divine Realm. Anyone who had cultivated to that level, be it a human or a beast, could ascend to the Divine Realm as long as one could overcome the final hurdle, which was to break through the limit of the world. Moreover, one would be assigned to different ranks according to one's potential and strengths. It's stated that only a True God can unleash the full power of a divine weapon.

In Soul Land, in order for a spirit master to become a god, they must either be revered by millions of people and spirit beasts as a god, like the Sea God, or inherit a god position.

In Soul Land 3, Yun Ming attempted to become god by creating his own god tablet, but died before he was able to complete the tablet. Tang Wulin broke through the limit of the world and became a being with the strenght of a God. Others reached rank 100 and achieving the strength of god after the evolution of the Douluo Planet. But they still lacked a God Realm for them to become a God.

In Soul Land 4, spirit masters are able to achieve the strenght of a God but lack the God Position and Immortal Qi to make them Gods. At most, they can reach the power of a 1st Class God, which is rank 120.

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God Ranking Edit

Five Great God Kings Edit

Ji Dong
God of Evil

God of Evil

Lie Yan
Goddess of Kindness

Goddess of Kindness

Tang San
Asura god

Asura God

Hui Mie
God of destruction1

God of Destruction

Sheng Ming
Life god

Goddess of Life

1st Class Gods Edit

Tang San
Sea god

Sea God

Xiao Wu
Sea god12

Sea Goddess

Huo Yuhao
God of emotions2

God of Emotions

Zhou Weiqing

God of Damage

Tan Lan
God of Greed

God of Greed

Fen Nu
God of wrath

God of Wrath

Tan Shi
God of gluntonny

God of Gluttony

Ao Man
God of pride

God of Pride

Ji Du
Goddess of envy

Goddess of Envy

Se Yu
Goddess of lust1

Goddess of Lust

Lan Duo
Goddess of sloth

Goddess of Sloth

Fire God

God of Fire

Water Goddess

Goddess of Water

Earth God

God of Earth

Wind God

God of Wind

Kong Jian
Space God

God of Space

Hei An
God of Darkness

God of Darkness

Light Goddess

Goddess of Light

2nd Class Gods Edit

Tang Wutong
Butterfly goddess

Butterfly Goddess

Dai Mubai
War God

God of War

Zhu Zhuqing
Speed goddess

Goddess of Speed

Food god

Food God

Ning Rongrong
Nine color goddess

Nine-Colored Goddess

Xiao Wu
Rabbit God

Rabbit Goddess

Ma Hongjun
Phenoix god

Phoenix God

Tang Hao
Tang Hao 11

Titan God

Ah Yin
San Mei 3

Nature Goddess

3rd Class Gods Edit

Others Edit

Dai Hao
Dai Hao face


Huo Yun Er
Huo Yun Er full


Divine Beasts Edit

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