Description[edit | edit source]

The Dragon Abyss Boat was handed down from remote ancient times. It's function is extremely distinctive: it shows it's original appearance only if infused with Spirit Power by a Spirit Master. Twelve meters in length and two meters in diameter at the thickest part, it’s capable of holding twelve to fifteen passengers simultaneously. It can move up and down within the sea, working both on the sea when navigating, and under the sea when submerging. It is said to be able to submerge up to three hundred meters deep.

With it, there’s no need to be afraid of any storm. Once the storm gets big, you can submerge into deep water. It can be described a blessed life-saving treasure boat. It can be very appropriate for both sightseeing and life-saving. Its original form is transparent, so you can see the scenery from every angle under the sea. Also, it can resist attacks of hundred-year old Spirit Beasts's spirit abilities.

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