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Origin[edit | edit source]

The Dragon Clan was founded by the Dragon God on the Planet of Douluo. He created his descendants, the 9 Dragon Kings, he regarded as his children and each of them have their own clansmen. When the Douluo Divine Realm was created, the Dragon God moved the Dragon Clan into the Divine Realm. During its heyday, there were a total of 3000 dragons that became Divine Beasts or Gods. The strongest of them became 1st Rank Gods. Some of the dragons stayed on the planet, mainly those that were not able to become Divine Beasts.

Destruction[edit | edit source]

The Dragon Clan fell from grace when the Dragon God went mad and start the God War. The Dragon God and most of the dragons in the Divine Realm were killed or died and their remains ended up in the Dragon Clan's Graveyard. Even though they are physically dead, but their spirits are still alive, except for the Dragon God. He was really killed leaving behind his remains and his core. The Dragon God's God Position or Tablet was cut in half by the Asura God creating the Golden Dragon King and Silver Dragon King. The Golden Dragon King was sealed in the Divine Realm while the Silver Dragon King fled to the Douluo Planet and slept beneath the Star Dou Forest for thousands of years.

Remnants[edit | edit source]

In SL2, Di Tian was the leader of the land spirit beasts

Dragon Horse Galaxy Dragon Clan[edit | edit source]

A new Dragon Clan was created in the Dragon-Horse Galaxy on the Heavenly Dragon Planet. Different species transformed into dragons when the Dragon Clan Graveyard attached itself to the planet. They called that time the Dragon Transformation Era. Since that time, no more species underwent dragon transformation. Some dragons may still be in hibernation since that time, but very unlikely. The number of dragons in the clan are few compared to the population of the other clans within the galaxy, but they are undoubtedly the strongest clan. It is very hard for most dragons to produce offspring.

The new Dragon Clan is divided into four clans, Low-Rank, Mid-Rank, High-Rank and Heavenly.

Heavenly Dragon Clan[edit | edit source]

Heavenly Dragons are able to transform into humans. They are once members or descendants of members of Pegasus Clan that transformed into dragons during the Dragon Transformation Era.

High-Rank Dragon Clan[edit | edit source]

Some formidable High-Rank Dragons are able to take on human forms, but the majority are not able to.

Mid-Rank Dragon Clan[edit | edit source]

Low-Rank Dragon Clan[edit | edit source]

Dragon Clan Graveyard[edit | edit source]

The resting place of the Dragon Clan after the war in the Douluo Divine Realm. The place is littered with the bones of the dead dragons. Their spirits wonder the place. The place is an independent space or a sub-realm.

In SL3, a team of Tang Sect disciples were granted the opportunity to go to the sub-realm for training. Tang Wulin and Dai Yun'er were part of the team. At the same time, Gu Yuena and a few 100,000 year old spirit beasts went into the sub-realm as well. In the center of the sub-realm lies the remains of all the dead dragons, including the Dragon God. In the remains of the Dragon God, Tang Wulin and Dai Yun'er found the Dragon God's core.

In SL4, the sub-realm attached itself to the Heavenly Dragon Planet. This caused the Dragon Transformation, which caused different species to transform into dragons. They can't be considered true dragons, but are dragons nevertheless. This event also caused the Pegasus Clan residing on the planet to migrate to the Heavenly Horse Planet, its twin.

Clansmen[edit | edit source]

Head[edit | edit source]

  • Dragon God (Dead)
  • Black Dragons
    • They were the Dragon God's personal bodyguards since before it split. After the Dragon God split, it bestowed the Black Dragon King the title of Dragon King
    • This title was passed down to it descendants, and eventually to Di Tian (SL2)
  • Gu Yuena (Silver Dragon King) (SL3)
  • Tang Xuanyu (SL4)

Nine Dragon Kings[edit | edit source]

  • Mountain Dragon King
    • A land dragon with an enormous body.
    • The strongest of the nine dragon kings on defense and strength.
    • He and his clansmen became the landmass the dragon clan lived on during their time on the Douluo Planet, there was only oceans back then
    • He gave Tang Wulin his torso bone in the Dragon Clan's Graveyard after he buried his remains.
  • Light Dragon King
  • Dark Dragon King
  • Fire Dragon King
  • Water Dragon King
  • Wind Dragon King
  • Earth Dragon King
  • White Dragon King
  • Time Dragon King

True Dragons[edit | edit source]

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