My fate is mine to decide! Not the heavens!
— Dragon God
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The Dragon God is known to be the initiator of all Spirit Beasts.[1]


The Dragon God was at the top of the Dragon Clan. The Dragon God was born during the creation of the world. He was one of the most ancient Gods, the originator of all beast-type Gods. He was arrogant by nature.



The legend of the Dragon God, told by the Golden Dragon King


Legend has it that a long time ago, the Dragon God started roaming the galaxy not long after he was born. Later, he found a planet and was prepared to settle down on the planet. The planet was the Douluo Planet. Thereupon, he began creating his first-generation children.

After a very long time, humankind was born on multiple planets including the Douluo Planet. When humankind created the Divine Realm, the Dragon God entered the Divine Realm as well. It relied on its power to reign over the divine beasts in the Divine Realm.

The 9 sons of the Dragon God that were also the Nine Great Dragon Kings descended to all the planets so they could pass down the legacy. They were the Dragon God’s direct line of descendants and were also real dragons.[2]

At some point, the Dragon God went on a rampage throughout the Gods' Realm, leading to a great war with the humanoid gods. In the end, the Dragon God was defeated by the Realm's enforcer, the Asura God. However, it could not be fully killed and instead split into the Golden Dragon King and Silver Dragon King. Afterward, the Golden Dragon King was sealed away by the gods, whereas the Silver Dragon King managed to flee.

The true story was that the Dragon God went mad because he has the power of destruction, life, goodness and Evil god cores within him. This caused him great trouble because he needs to balance the four forces within his body until eventually he can no longer sustain it, causing his madness. He ended up killing divine beasts and gods alike until the Asura God ended his suffering by splitting him into two separate beings, the Golden Dragon King and the Silver Dragon King.

Soul Land: The Gods' Realm

Near the end of Soul Land: The Gods' Realm, the Golden Dragon King managed to escape its imprisonment due to the seal weakening as a result of the god's conflict. He then went on a rampage throughout God's Realm, wanting to reunite with the Silver Dragon King and once again become the Dragon God. However, he was killed by Tang San, Ji Dong, and Lie Yan before he could do so, with its power being sealed away in Tang Wulin.

Soul Land III

Throughout Soul Land 3, the human reincarnation of the Silver Dragon King, Gu Yuena, intended to steal the power of the Golden Dragon King inside Tang Wulin from him and once again become the Dragon God but ends up falling in love with him instead. The two are also able to invoke the power of the Dragon God through their soul fusion ability.

Soul Land IV

In Soul Land 4, Tang Wulin and Gu Yuena's son, Lan Xuanyu, is able to wield the power of the Golden Dragon King and the Silver Dragon Kings through his Blue Silver Grass, earning him the nickname "Little Dragon God." Once he reaches rank 100, he will become the new dragon god.


When the Dragon God became a god, it had its own Godhood tablet. It governed two of the primal powers of the universe - Annihilattion and Creation - which came across out of sheer luck. Although it had a weaker influence as a deity, it was still a fundamental power of the universe.

In a way, the Dragon God’s individual combat strength is more powerful than any of the Divine Realm’s Five Great God Kings. However, behind the power is a shortcoming.

The power of Creation been used by the Dragon God to create the most powerful clan on the Douluo Continent, the Dragon Clan. The power of Annihilation is filled with an aura that can eliminate heaven and earth. The endpoint of Creation is Annihilation while the endpoint of Annihilation is Creation. These two forces complement each other. Hence, there’s also a dual divine personality within the Dragon God.

The two divine personalities are completely at odds with each other, and they’re equally powerful. The "creation" divine personality governs the Dragon God’s senses of the entire universe and controls the universe’s origin power, as well as wisdom and rationale. The "annihilation" personality governs the power to bring chaos upon heaven and earth and the Dragon God’s primary body and is controlled by a savage attribute.

In conclusion, the Dragon God can be divided into a wise, farsighted and a wild, violent Dragon God.


The Dragon God had a total of nine children and lords called the Nine Dragon Kings[3]

Each Dragon King represented a certain element and color.

  1. Jade Dragon King (Space & Time): Shadow Guardian of the Dragon God
    • The loneliest, most elusive, and most unpredictable, among the dragons
  2. Light Dragon King (Light & Prayer-Gold): Dragon Clan's Executor - Dragon God's Favorite One
    • The most powerful of the Dragon God's sons.
    • The Holy Dragon King was responsible for creating life, and hence for breeding, and the execution of dragons who commit crimes. The Dragon Slaying Saber was given to him.
  3. Dark Dragon King (Darkness-Black): Dragon God's Most Loyal Dragon Faction
    • Notes: Golden-Eye Black Dragon King is not one of the original 9 Dragon Kings; he is the descendant of Dark Dragon King and replaced his father's position
    • The Dark Dragon King was the Dragon God’s defense that assisted the Dragon God in mustering the clan’s order
  4. Water Dragon King (Water & Ice-Blue)
  5. Taotie [4] (Earth Dragon King-Yellow)
  6. Wind Dragon King (Green)
  7. Fire Dragon King (Fire & Lightning-Red)
  8. White Dragon King (Space, SL4 Chapter 519)
  9. Mountain Dragon King [5] (Leader):
    • The Mountain Dragon King’s clan was meant to become solid ground and form the continents to assist the Dragon Clan in breeding and growing, but that made their own breeding highly problematic as the clan had very few members.
    • They would transform themselves into lands and continents as soon as they were fully grown.
    • The Dragon God was so grateful for their contribution, he bestowed the Mountain Dragon King’s lineage with a covenant. It was “the Mountain Dragon takes the crown”. In other words, every Mountain Dragon could be bestowed with the royal title once it was fully grown. They lost their freedom, but they earned a prestigious position.


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