Dragon King’s Claw
Name Dragon King’s Claw
Also Known As
Type Equipment

Description Edit

Legend had it that the Black Dragons were the Dragon God’s personal bodyguards. After the Dragon God separated into the Golden Dragon King and Silver Dragon King, the Black Dragons protected his two great avatars, and even the Ninth Dragon Prince didn’t dare to offend the Black Dragons for nothing. The reason for that was because the Dragon God had fondly recalled the Black Dragons’ loyalty, and he gave their leader the title of the Dragon King, and also taught the Dragon King’s Claw to the Black Dragons. Only the leaders of each generation of Black Dragons could inherit this supreme innate ability.

The Dragon King’s Claw wasn’t that different from other powerful spirit skills to humans. However, it was vastly different for spirit beasts. The Dragon King’s Claw carried the Dragon God’s aura, and only the most powerful spirit beast in the world could possess a skill like this. Once the Dragon King’s Claw was unleashed, every single soul beast that wasn’t similarly blessed by a God had to submit. Otherwise, they would perish, and disappear into oblivion in the face of the Dragon King’s Claw.

It's in possesion of Di Tian.

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