If you won't protect him, I will! Little monster, I'd really want to see who dares lay a finger on you!
— About Tang San

Dugu Bo is a Titled Douluo known as the Poison Douluo, and the number one Poison Spirit Master in the world. Among Titled Douluo, his power in group attacks is unmatched, however his one on one combat skills are lacking as a result. He is the adviser of Shrek Academy.

Dugu Bo's poison abilities are so powerful, they've been killing the people around him all his life. When he was young, his father was killed by his poison. When he was an adult, his wife was killed. When he was older, his son died of the poison as well. Dugu Yan, his granddaughter, is his only living family member.


(Light Novel) Dugu Bo is slender, and looks like a javelin. His hair and beard are dark green, and his eyes shimmer like emeralds. His whole presence feels illusory, like a phantom. He wears only simple and unadorned grey robes with his hands tucked into his sleeves. He has beryl eyes, green fingernails, eyes as ice cold and vicious as a viper.

(Manhua) Dugu Bo has long, poison green hair, and wears stylized black robes. He also wears a green-lined black cloak with tattered edges. Unlike his Anime/Light Novel adaptation, he is clean shaven, has gold eyes, and is young in appearance, with a red slash adorning his forehead. He has a long green snake tattoo curling around his left arm, neck, and torso.


Dugu Bo has a ruthless personality. His only soft spot is probably for his own granddaughter who inherited his Spirit and later Tang San who he cares for as his own grandson. Being a Titled Douluo he is not afraid to use his power to oppress other people. He is cunning and calculating. He is also a loner who likes to be detached from society and keep to himself, enjoying his freedom greatly.

Commonly looking down on others, he can grow to respect them if they sufficiently impress him, such as Tang San for his talent, or the Golden Iron Triangle for not fearing death. He is also someone who does not lightly make promises and has a reputation for keeping his word once given.

Despite his arrogance, he is still a cautious and intelligent man, not willing to take needless risks. He is also unwilling to needlessly endanger himself, fight people stronger than him, or recklessly test plants he doesn't understand.

Dugu Bo is merciless when attacked, but doesn't have a bad nature.[1] He doesn't seek trouble from those not threatening or offending him, and isn't inherently bloodthirsty. In this aspect, his personality is like a snake, who will do nothing if not provoked.


  • (Bonus Chapter Canon)[2]

Dugu Bo's Poison-Blood Hourglass

When Dugu Bo was a small child, his dying father, Ying Dao, told him their family was blessed with powerful poison, but cursed to die from the side effects. He gave the young Dugu Bo an hourglass filled with the blood of the Jaded Phosphorous Snake King, telling him when the hourglass ran out, he would die, unless he became a Titled Douluo.Only by attacking the poison with stronger poison could their lives be extended. In such a way, the stronger a person was able to become, the longer they would survive.

Age 35 - Training to save his own life

His father died, and Dugu Bo trained obsessively to become strong. At the age of 35 he had already reached Rank 59, and his hourglass had passed by a quarter. His once brown hair became streaked with vivid green, signifying his poisoned state.

Dugu Bo's Pregnant Wife

Dugu Bo's pregnant wife went into labor, but she ultimately died just after giving birth, thanks to being weakened from her own husband's poisonous body. Their son, Dugu Xin, was born already terribly poisoned thanks to his father's advanced strength, his hair green from infancy. Dugu Bo raised his son himself, vowing to save him from the fate of their ancestors. Dugu Bo trained his son harshly, knowing if he didn't gain strength quickly, he would die extremely young. At the same time, he trained himself, believing if he became a Titled Douluo he would be strong enough to save his son as well as himself. He became Rank 65 at the age of 37. His son's poisoning progressed through his teen years, until all five of his major internal organs were poisoned. Dugu Bo healed his son with his own soul power, prolonging his life to the best of his abilities. Dugu Bo reached Rank 75 at the age of 50, but his son's condition continued to grow steadily worse.

Training Dugu Xin

When Dugu Xin was 35, his young daughter, Dugu Yan, ran to fetch her grandfather for help, saying her father was dying. Dugu Bo was 70 years old, Rank 89, and his hourglass was nearly empty. He immediately began to run to his son's side, but at that moment began his final breakthrough to Rank 90 - and was physically unable to go to his son's side. He told Dugu Yan he would save Dugu Xin as soon as he finished advancing, but by the time he'd finally done so, his son was dead.

Dugu Xin's Grave.png

He later embraced his young granddaughter over the grave of his wife and son, promising himself he would protect her with everything he had.

After obtaining his final Spirit Ring, Dugu Bo officially became a Titled Douluo at the age of 70. Only then did he realize he still couldn't defeat his Spirit's poison, in himself or his granddaughter, and his father was wrong. Dugu Bo never stopped looking for a cure.

Other History Notes: Dugu Bo's skill with poisons was exceptional, due in no small part to studying to save Dugu Xin. In the field of poisons, he never encountered an opponent until meeting Tang San. His greatest pride is in his poison skills, even those separate from his spirit.

Dugu Bo received his official title, the Poison Douluo, in a Spirit Hall ceremony officiated by the Golden Crocodile Douluo.

Dugu Yan didn't fully understand the meaning of death as a small child, and eventually asked Dugu Bo when her father would be coming home. Dugu Bo couldn't tell her the truth, and claimed her father was on a training mission.

Due to the nature of his Spirit, he had been suffering a long time from its poisonous effects. The poison in his body causes aching over two ribs, one that gradually grows stronger, flaring up around noon and midnight and late every night, approximately around midnight, the top of his head and heart feeling like they're stabbed with thousands of needles, causing his whole body to spasm for at least an hour.


Heaven Dou Imperial Academy

He arrives along with Xue Xing in order to remove Shrek Academy from the Heaven Dou Imperial Academy. Upon his arrival, he poisons Dai Mubai instantly with a protective green mist composed of sheer spiritual pressure, which Tang San is able to absorb with his Eight Spider Lances. He laughs, claiming the three trash examiners got more annoying the older they got. Even though he appears to be helping Prince Xue Xing and Prince Xue Beng, he still treats him with disrespect, telling him to shut up, and making both princes freeze in fear. He gives Shrek Academy to the count of ten to vanish from his sight.

Flender's pride is too great to back down, but he's defeated instantly after releasing his spirit. When the others rush forward to avenge him, he screams at them to stop, saying they'll leave with terrified tears in his eyes. The three examiners step in, saying they'll withstand Dugu Bo's pressure for ten seconds. Dugu Bo continues counting, releasing his nine spirit rings, and destroys the outer wall with a snap of his fingers. He pressures the elders, and Prince Xue Xing tries to stop him, thinking to himself that Dugu Bo really is a psycho. He claims even the Poison Douluo can't offend royalty!

Dugu Bo scoffs, saying he'd like to see someone he couldn't offend. He's about to continue fighting when Dugu Yan calls his name, telling him to stop fighting right away or she wouldn't talk to him for a month. Dugu Bo tells Prince Xue Xing if he tried using his strength again, he'd regret being born. His demeanor changes completely as he runs to his beloved granddaughter, laughing and teasing her that she gained weight.

Dugu Yan sees Tang San leaving, and leans in to tell her grandfather about how her poison arts were broken during their last battle.

Later, it's revealed Dugu Bo drove Shrek Academy away on purpose, following the master plan of Prince Xue Beng to weaken his brother Prince Xue Qinghe, who the two suspected of being a traitor. Prince Xue Beng was only acting as a pretentious fool, and was being protected by Dugu Bo in secret. The plan was ultimately a success, barring the Shrek Seven Devils from adding their strength to the Imperial Academy.[3]

Dugu Bo and his only granddaughter, Dugu Yan

Ice And Fire Yin Yang Well

Dugu Bo ambushes Tang San outside Blue Tyrant Academy

Dugu Bo hunts down Tang San outside Blue Tyrant Academy, ambushing him as soon as he left Liu Erlong and Yu Xiaogang. He kidnaps him with the intent to kill, first bringing him to his lair, just outside the Ice and Fire Yin Yang Well, deep within Sunset Forest to leisurely interrogate him for information.

After Tang San wakes up, Dugu Bo snaps at him to stop pretending he's asleep, releasing a terrifying aura. He begins his interrogation, asking how he'd broken Dugu Yan's third tier spirit skill, Jade Phosphorus Violet Poison. Tang San grits his teeth, claiming just alcohol was able to break her poison, and Dugu Bo knocks him into a wall with a snap of his fingers. He asks again as Tang San collapses to the ground, but he insists he's telling the truth, calling Dugu Bo's poison trash.

Dugu Bo laughs scornfully, summoning snakes to bite Tang San, asking him if his 'trash' poison hurts? Tang San shouts that it is good...good enough to poison Dugu Bo himself! Upon further scorn, Tang San accurately describes the symptoms Dugu Bo has been suffering with in silence for years, calling them the absolute proof he'd accidently poisoned himself. The only mystery was why Dugu Bo was still alive at all.

Dugu Bo attacks him out of anger, and Tang San only survives because he used the Eight Spider Lances on instinct to soften the blow. Dugu Bo laments that the external spirit bone is absorbed already, otherwise he would have loved to steal it. Tang San shouts that if he dies, Dugu Yan would die as well. She was poisoned just like Dugu Bo, and would certainly perish in the next few years. He claims he figured all this out because of the poisonous hues of their hair, revealing that poison had invaded their entire bodies.

Dugu Bo Activates His Spirit

Dugu Bo halts his killing blow after hearing Tang San claim he could cure them both. He brings Tang San inside the Ice and Fire Yin Yang Well without further ado, and promises that if Tang San can really cure them, he'll not only spare his life, but grant him three wishes.

He reveals his herb garden, filled with every kind of poison and spirit grass under the heavens. He tells Tang San to use whatever he'd like, but to be wary of the potent poisons within. Tang San laughs, saying he realizes now why Dugu Bo hadn't died yet.

Dugu Bo activates his spirit, poisoning Tang San with the Jaded Phosphorus Snake poison, telling him the poison would reach his heart by noon the next day. He leaves, promising to check back to see if Tang San really was capable of curing that poison, or if he'd died.

Dugu Bo Grieves

At midnight, Dugu Bo's poisoning side effects begin in earnest. He stands over his son's tomb, remembering Tang San's words. His hand clenches from the pain so strongly he breaks a tree branch. He remembers Dugu Yan as a child asking where her father had gone, and lying to her about a training mission. Dugu Yan says she wants to learn poison arts as well, because her grandpa has the best poison in the world!

His son's grave

Dugu Bo laughs out loud at the memory, tears streaming down his face. He shouts out loud that his poison really is the best in the world...strong enough to kill everyone he loved! He mourns his son's death, screaming at heaven for taking him away even though Dugu Bo himself was the true monster. He collapses, clutching the tombstone, promising himself he would protect his last family member, Dugu Yan, no matter the cost.

A disturbance breaks his memories, and Dugu Bo is attacked by Flender, Erlong, and Xiaogang, who demand the immediate return of Tang San. Dugu Bo scoffs, and flippantly says Tang San is dead, believing he couldn't pass his test without bothering to look first.

Xiaogang snaps, tears of blood streaming down his face as he screams at Dugu Bo, who attacks with a poisonous snake mist with a snap of his fingers. Erlong is able to block the blow, and Flender grabs them both to retreat somewhat. The three partners form the Golden Iron Triangle seal, fusing their power. Dugu Bo watches their ritual without bothering to try and stop it, noting that a three person fusion was rare.

Vs The Golden Saint Dragon

After the Golden Saint Dragon is complete, Dugu Bo releases his spirit essence manifestation, the Jaded Phosphorus Snake King. He calls the trio "annoying," wondering to himself how such pesky flies managed to summon such a powerful technique. Xiaogang swears to take revenge, and bring Dugu Bo so far down into hell he'd never reincarnate again.

He battled the Golden Saint Dragon, and found his spirit evenly matched. Dugu Bo attempted to strike at the Golden Iron Triangle themselves, but couldn't move their protective barrier by even an inch, to his immense annoyance.

Lightning surged around the Golden Saint Dragon, and Dugu Bo swore, thinking the attack might damage his herb garden behind them. He unleashes his Cranial Spirit Bone ability, Medusa's Lust, petrifying the Golden Saint Dragon into a stone statue in the blink of an eye. It crashes to the ground and cracks, the backlash heavily damaging Erlong, Flender, and Xiaogang. He mockingly asks if they're done playing yet.

8th Spirit Ability: Time Freeze

Xiaogang unleashes their final move, the Golden Saint Dragon's Final Mystery, an attack which actually destroys the Jaded Phosphorus Snake King's manifestation. Dugu Bo immediately activates his eighth tier spirit skill, Time Freeze.

He walks towards the frozen trio leisurely, telling them they should be proud to force him to use such a powerful ability. He leans in close, asking who wants to die first. After hearing them bargain for their lives, his snakes bite Xiaogang, who manages to choke out that Tang San's father is Tang Hao, the Heavenly Douluo.

Dugu Bo hears Tang San's father is Tang Hao, the Heavenly Douluo

Dugu Bo freezes in place, his face going white with fear. He argues, saying Tang San has the wrong spirit type, but is corrected by Xiaogang, who claims Tang San has twin spirits.

Dugu Bo is visibly frightened, and decides in a snap to kill all the witnesses to avoid Tang Hao's wrath. Tang San appears at that moment, having survived the poisoning and escaped the Yin Yang Well.

Tang San leaps between Dugu Bo and his teachers, bowing politely and informing him he'd discovered the cure to their poison. Dugu Bo smiles brightly at the news. Tang San tells his teachers Dugu Bo was just joking around and testing them, and never had any intentions of killing him, or them. Dugu Bo concludes that he shouldn't offend Tang Hao, who he considers a true psycho, and laughs brightly, backing up Tang San's made-up story, quietly deciding not to kill anyone after all.

Tang San informs his teachers he'll be learning from Dugu Bo for a while, and not to worry. As the teachers leave, Dugu Bo comments that to scheme at such a young age, Tang San really must be a monster. Tang San retorts that Dugu Bo is the real monster, with his crazy mood swings. The two head back into the Yin Yang Well.

The Aromatic Silk Beauty Flower

Tang San challenges Dugu Bo to a bet. He offered Dugu Bo three chances to kill him with poison, and if he lived, he would earn the right to use the herb garden as he pleased. Dugu Bo agreed instantly, but said if he won, Tang San would be his slave for thirty years, planning to use him to make Tang Hao lick his boots.

Tang San survived the first strike from the Poison Corrosive Witch Snake by stepping in the protective radius of the Aromatic Silk Beauty.

Despite his annoyance, Dugu Bo refused to believe he could lose. He summoned his most treasured snake, the Nine Point Jade, whose poison could massacre an entire city. Three breaths after being bitten by her, the entire body would liquify and vanish entirely. He mockingly asked Tang San if he dared be bitten by her.

The Nine Point Jade Snake

Tang San looked at the snake, and said if he let her bite him...Dugu Bo would have to give her to him! Completely blindsided by this response, Dugu Bo snapped at Tang San, who asked if he was afraid of losing. Goaded, Dugu Bo agreed that if Tang San was bitten and was "fine," he could keep her. Inwardly, he planned to give Tang San the antidote immediately after he was bitten, knowing the antidote's side effects were severe enough no one could be considered "fine."

Tang San lets the Nine Point Jade bite him, but before Dugu Bo could deliver the antidote, the snake passed out in a daze. Tang San was completely fine, shocking Dugu Bo, thanks to the immortal herbs he'd eaten in the earlier test. Tang San immediately renamed the snake 'Greenie', putting her in his Twenty Four Moonlit Bridges belt.

Inwardly swearing, Dugu Bo tries to intimidate Tang San into forfeiting the challenge, saying his next poison was too powerful. Tang San declined, wanting to do the final challenge, and Dugu Bo agreed with poor grace, calling him a greedy bitch. He activates his Real Guard.

Unwilling to back down, but worried about Tang Hao all the same, Dugu Bo decides he can always reason that Tang San forced his hand. He attacks with the Heart Piercer Poison technique.

As Tang San struggles to survive the poisoning, Dugu Bo regrets his actions, worrying that killing him would bring more and more trouble from his father and teachers. He swears, wondering if he'll be forced to flee with his granddaughter to survive. He decides no one could expect him to believe Tang San was really Tang Hao's son, because there was no proof, and Tang San activates his Clear Sky Hammer immediately afterwards while regulating his power to disperse the poison.

Tang San's survival is a shock. He names the herbs he ate to gain his poison immunity, and says Dugu Bo could either drink his blood and be cured, at the cost of his poison abilities, or he could eat the antidote Tang San prepared while forcing the poison into his Spirit Bone for six months.

Dugu Bo's Nedan

Not trusting Tang San with his life, Dugu Bo gives him a Nedan, condensed power that would kill Tang San if he betrayed him. It would also assist Tang San's cultivation speed. Tang San complied, and instructed Dugu Bo to return the next day.

As Dugu Bo is leaving, Tang San reminds him he lost the bet, and he'd be taking whatever he wanted from the herb garden.

The next day, Dugu Bo arrives for his antidote, only to find Tang San hadn't made it yet, because he'd been distracted by all the interesting herbs and plants. Tang San lied, saying Dugu Bo hadn't given him tools, so of course he hadn't made anything yet. Dugu Bo says he was wrong, and should've killed Tang San yesterday, throwing pots and supplies at him.

After that, the two settled into a routine. Every night, Dugu Bo would take Tang San's antidote, and every day he'd try and steal the recipe for himself. He figured out the ingredients were wolfberry, chrysanthemum, mint, and devil's grass, but whenever he tried to brew it himself, it exploded in his face. (Not realizing the secret ingredient was a drop of Tang San's blood.)

Breaking through Rank 92

He tried ambush, spying, and flat out bribery, but Tang san never gave him the antidote recipe. Dugu Bo even offered to let him marry Dugu Yan, but was turned down flat. Tang San trained and studied for months, exchanging letters with his classmates, and having occasional visits from his teachers. Thanks to the slow working antidote treatment, Dugu Bo was able to breakthrough to Rank 92 after many years.

After a while, the two forged an odd friendship, bickering and pranking each other often. Dugu Bo, annoyed by Tang San's accusation that he only knew how to use spirit power to bully him, stole Tang San's clothes while he was bathing, and mocked him liberally despite Tang San's swearing.

Dugu Bo protected Tang San from the poisonous fumes from making Yama's Invitation, shocked at how powerful the homemade poison was. He yelled at Tang San, asking him if he was trying to die, who asked why Dugu Bo cared if he lived or died. Dugu Bo dismissed him, saying he wouldn't have anyone to annoy if Tang San died. He went quiet, and admitted that Tang San was his only friend.

Later, the two bathed in the milky medicinal hot springs, drinking sake together. Dugu Bo declared their meeting must be fate, and that he never imagined someone he'd tried to kill half a year ago would become his lifelong friend. He admits his poison accidentally killed his father when he was young, his wife as an adult, and his son in his older years, leaving him all alone besides Dugu Yan. The world feared him, and no one would get to know him, and so his reputation was solely that of a psycho.

Dugu Bo's Tattoos

Tang San empathizes, having been alone in his previous life. He invites Dugu Bo to Shrek Academy to be an advisor. Dugu Bo agrees, on the condition it uses up one of Tang San's three wishes. Tang San complains about this, saying he'd already planned all three of his wishes. He wishes to share three drinks toasting their friendship, using all his promised requests, despite the promise of a Titled Douluo being worth more than a mass fortune. Dugu Bo agrees, and also agrees to come to Shrek. Tang San returns the Nedan, having reached Rank 37, and decides to return home.

While half drunk, Dugu Bo gave Tang San the Wishful Hundred Treasure's Purse, which could keep plants stored inside fresh, and told him to take whatever plants he wanted. In the morning, all the plants in the Fire and Ice Yin Yang Well were gone, and Dugu Bo swore he was going to kill Tang San, furious beyond reason.

(Light Novel Only) Tang San gives Dugu Bo a set of hidden weapons called the Cluster Soul Chasing Life Taking Balls, which can break an enemy's guard according to the user's spirit power, and poison them simultaneously.

Curing Dugu Yan

(Light Novel/Anime only)After Dugu Bo's temper cooled down a bit, Tang San introduced him to Shrek Academy as an advisor. Dugu Bo did some calculations on his fingers, saying his granddaughter was really only seven years older than Tang San, so a match between them would be ideal. He states that with Tang San's immense talent, it would put him at ease if his granddaughter was taken care of by him. When Tang San refuses, Dugu Bo teases him, saying he might be able to cure poison, but an aphrodisiac would be difficult. And if Dugu Yan became pregnant, a shot-gun wedding would be in order.

Tang San protests strongly, telling Dugu Bo not to joke about such matters. He says Dugu Yan is dating Yu Tianheng anyhow, who had plenty of power and future prospects, and it was possible she was pregnant already. Dugu Bo considered that, and admitted it was possible, dropping the notion entirely then and there, to Tang San's relief. [1]

Flender, Erlong, and Xiaogang welcomed Dugu Bo to their academy, recognizing the incredible prestige having a Titled Douluo on staff would bring them. Per Tang San's request, he agreed to never harm or kill any member of Shrek Academy. He claimed the deepest room in the teacher's block, liking the peace and quiet, with a large window overlooking the forest. [4] Flender spent a sizeable amount of money decorating the room, until it was extremely splendorous.

Later, Dugu Bo brought Dugu Yan to Shrek Academy. She argued at being brought, insulting the academy and Tang San viciously. Dugu Bo scolded her behavior, telling her Tang San was more mature than her in many ways, despite his young age. Nonetheless, he told Tang San if he injured Dugu Yan in the upcoming Continental Spirit Master Competition, he'd answer to him personally.

Dugu Bo praised Tang San so much Dugu Yan accused him of using a mind control potion on him. Tang San gives Dugu Bo more antidote for Dugu Yan, instructing him to find her a Spirit Bone so she could force her internal poison into it during the treatment.

Afterwards, Dugu Bo leaves Shrek Academy for a time, saying he has business to take care of.

Spirit Master Tournament

Advisor for Shrek Academy after the Qualifiers

(Manhua only) After the end of the Continental Advanced Spirit Master Tournament Qualifiers, Tang San calls him for help with Dai Mubai's Evil Eye's Sage Ceremony.[5] Dugu Bo commends his intelligence in calling, but says he can do nothing, as Dai Mubai is already a dead man. He explains the Evil Eyes Inheritance, and the history of Dai Mubai's family traditions. He recommends just making Dai Mubai comfortable in his last days, as no one has survived before.

Later, Dugu Bo scolds Tang San for using so many rare herbs to treat Dai Mubai, who can't survive. Tang San tells him to go away and annoy someone else. Shortly after, the ritual begins, and Dugu Bo tells them what to expect. After Dai Mubai's astonishing recovery, Dugu Bo is shocked, but insists it isn't his fault, as no one could have predicted that.

(Light Novel/Anime only) Dugu Bo visits Tang San after the qualifiers, and the two have a long conversation about his future. Tang San worries he'll be weak in higher levels due to the nature of his Blue Silver Grass, and considers training his Clear Sky Hammer. After listening to him vent, Dugu Bo scolds Tang San for his lack of self confidence. He says he considers Tang San a genius among genuises not because of his poison knowledge, but because of his Blue Silver Grass.

He says the Blue Silver Grass Tang San possesses might not be what it appears, since it's so unusually powerful, and further reasons that Tang Hao wouldn't likely marry a woman with such a weak spirit. He explains that when two parents have different spirits, the stronger one is inherited by children, and equal level spirits would be a random chance with higher odds of variation. Furthermore, twin spirits were only possible if both parent's spirits were vastly different, and also equal strength. As such, it was impossible for his Blue Silver Grass to be as ordinary as it appeared.

Dugu Bo's reassurances calmed Tang San's worries and cleared his mind. They chatted further, and Dugu Bo admitted he'd left to go challenge an old rival who was Rank 96, and using the hidden weapons Tang San had given him, he'd managed to fight to a draw. He offered to buy more, and Tang San flat out refused, giving them to him for free instead.

(All Media Canon) Dugu Bo tells Tang San to give up the tournament soon.[6] He warns that Spirit Hall's team is too powerful, and also older, and they don't have a chance. He argues that even if they do win, Spirit Hall definitely won't give them the Spirit Bone prizes, and if they find out Tang San is related to Tang Hao, they'll kill him. Tang San declares his faith in their team, and refuses to back down.

Dugu Bo dismisses him, saying he doesn't care either way, and leaves to find a meal. Tang San realizes Dugu Bo came to find him first, so concerned he hadn't even eaten beforehand, and is filled with warmth.[7]

Journey to Spirit City

9th Spirit Ability: Jaded Phosphor Divine Light

After Tang San revealed his Clear Sky Hammer in the tournament, he was attacked on the road to Spirit City by soldiers including two Spirit Hall Titled Douluo, Yue Guan and Gui Mei. Dugu Bo arrives to defend Tang San and the Shrek Seven Monsters, scolding Yue Guan for bullying children. But he notes such behavior seems to fit Yue Guan's sick personality. After being threatened with a spanking, Dugu Bo tells Yue Guan not to disgust him, and if he wanted Tang San, he'd have to go through him first. Yue Guan was visibly shocked Dugu Bo was choosing to defy Spirit Hall, saying the Pontiff would be angry. Dugu Bo activated his spirit, sarcastically saying he was so scared! They began to fight earnestly.[8]

Ghost Douluo's Attack

As he put pressure on the Chrysanthemum Douluo, the Ghost Douluo, Gui Mei, attacked as well. Dugu Bo instructed the Shrek Academy students and teachers to run, and he'd deal with the two Titled Douluo himself. Tang San refused, claiming Dugu Bo was only trying to sacrifice himself so Tang San would have to remember him forever in exchange, and he didn't accept the terms of that deal. The Shrek Seven Devils resolved to fight to the death, and Dugu Bo agrees to battle it out until they all die.

The Sword Douluo, Chen Xin appeared as well, to support Ning Rongrong, along with the Bone Douluo, Gu Rong, and the Seven Treasure Glass Tower Clan Master, Ning Fengzhi.

After the influx of allies, Gui Mei tries to intimidate them by threatening the Supreme Pontiff's wrath. Gu Rong askes if the Supreme Pontiff is scarier than Tang Hao, and Dugu Bo laughs, saying he heard Gui Mei got beaten by Tang Hao so badly he cried for his mother, got his spirit shattered, and almost peed his pants.[9] He laughs even harder, while Gui Mei's fury peaks.

After a brief battle, Spirit Hall's forces retreat, as it's obvious they're outmatched. Gu Rong worries that even though they won the battle, they won't be able to protect Tang San forever. Dugu Bo scoffs at this, saying if they won't protect Tang San, he will. He says he'd really want to see who dares lay a finger on Tang San!

He continues to escort Tang San and the Shrek Seven Devil's throughout the remainder of the tournament, never leaving them undefended.

Tournament Finals

Protecting Xiao Wu & Tang San

After Xiao Wu's secret is revealed, she is nearly killed by the two Spirit Hall Douluo. Tang San jumps in front of her, intending to fight to the death, but is protected in turn by Dugu Bo. The Jaded Phosphor Snake coils around them, creating a barrier. He tries to reason with the Supreme Pontiff, asking why she would attack children.

Bibi Dong insists she doesn't need to justify herself, and asks if Dugu Bo intends to be her enemy. He laughs, saying it would be impossible to silence everyone who had witnessed her actions, and her reputation would be soiled forever.[10]

Tang Hao arrives, and is able to steal away Tang San and Xiao Wu, stopping the short fight which ensues.

Royal Family's Poison

Dugu Bo meets with Tang San again after he destroys a branch of Spirit Hall. Dugu Bo doesn't recognize Tang San's grown up appearance, and is about to attack him when Tang San reveals who is he by showing him proof. They get together to have a chat during which the two exchange stories on the going ons in each other's lives. Dugu Bo scolds Tang San for not visiting him for five years, saying he hadn't known if Tang San had been killed by someone or not. Tang San retorts that it would be better than dying by your own poison, and the two turn away from each other in a huff. Those watching are shocked by their childish behavior, and wonder if they're really friends.

Dugu Bo further reveals the tragic events within the Imperial Family and the Emperor's 'illness', which Dugu Bo believed to be poison, administered by Xue Qinghe. Dugu Bo managed to suppress the poison during every outbreak, though it was increasingly hard.

Dugu Bo forces She Long out of hiding

He brings Tang San and Yang Wudi to try to save the Emperor. However their path is barred by Qinghe who then makes the two Titled Douluo attack them. Dugu Bo confronts Ci Xue, who had been specifically brought to hold him down as poison was useless against Ci Xue. However, thanks to the assistance of Yang Wudi who confronts She Long and helps injure Ci Xue, they manage to gain the upper hand. Dugu Bo then fights against She Long. He and Yang Wudi manage to hold down the two opposing Titled Douluo as Tang San fights against Qian Renxue. The final combined attack of the two manages to destroy half of Ci Xue's body putting him on the verge of death.

With the arrival of the Golden Iron Triangle, they manage to get the upper hand forcing She Long and Ci Xue to retreat with the unconscious Qian Renxue. They then immediately check on Emperor Xue Ye and bring him back to the Shrek Academy. He and Yang Wudi work together and manages to stabilize the Emperor's condition by making an antidote.

Dugu Bo accompanies Tang San to visit the Emperor, who grants Tang San a title, a position as imperial tutor, and the Vast Cosmic Sea Shroud.

Sea God Island

Toasting Tang San's success with Tang Hao

(Manhua Only) Dugu Bo is briefly seen during the Sea God's Trials Arc, when he's approached by Tang Hao in Sunset Forest to share a drink. He asks what the occasion is, and Tang Hao replies something very good was happening to Tang San. (Absorbing a 100,000 Year Spirit Ring) Dugu Bo turns away, asking why he should drink when good things happen to him. Tang Hao asks if he's drinking or not, and Dugu Bo says he is.

The Spirit Empire War

(Light Novel Only, Manhua Spoilers) Dugu Bo appears seemingly from nowhere after Tang San returns from Sea God Island as the Thousand Hands Douluo, and laughs with a clear and bright voice. Despite being on a brewing battlefield surrounded by hundreds of thousands of troops, he interrupts Tang San's and Grandmaster's conversation to say hello. He ignores everyone and gives Tang San a huge bear hug, who complains he's not being gentle enough. (Though Tang San returns the hug equally forcefully.) After five years, Dugu Bo hasn't aged or changed, seeming healthy.

Dugu Bo demands answers about what Tang San has done the past five years, along with a crowd of others, and listens to his adventures. He is incredibly shocked to learn Tang San's Seagod Trident weighs 108,000 jin (119,049 lb, 54,000kg) He returns to his post after the conversation.

Later, when the battle breaks out, Tang San shouts, "Old Monster, do you dare charge into battle with me?" Dugu Bo laughs, saying there was nothing he didn't dare, and though he might not be suited to fighting Titled Douluo alone, in a group battle he was unbeatable. Dugu Bo joins the Shrek Seven Devils in leading the charge against Spirit Empire. While Tang San destroyed the first line of defense, Dugu Bo struck the back, his Jaded Phosphor Poison turning even the ground faintly green. Before he could poison more than a few dozen Spirit Masters, the Porcupinefish Douluo, Ci Xue, interrupted his attack, seeking revenge for their last disastrous battle when his injuries were so severe it took a full year to recover. Bibi Dong specifically targetted Dugu Bo first, knowing his power in a group battle was unbeatable, sending Cie Xue to restrain him. Dugu Bo felt extreme annoyance at being countered, striking forward in his Spirit Avatar form immediately. Despite his strength, the Ci Xue's attributes were the perfect counter for his own, restraining him completely. Tang San hit the Porcupinefish Douluo with the capture ability, Unfixed Storm, forcing him to drop his Spirit Avatar state to escape, leaving a few wounds on Dugu Bo with his spines as he does so.

Three days later, in the Heaven Dou Empire's Strategy Headquarters, Dugu Bo joined the other major powers of Heaven Dou to discuss the war. Upon seeing Tang San, he immediately stepped forward to hug him, claiming he knew he would survive, and asked about his recovery. Tang San laughed, saying if an old monster like him was fine, how could he have any problems?

Dugu Bo's Spirit

During the next major battle ten days later, Dugu Bo stood with the Shrek Seven Devils and the other major powerhouses of Heaven Dou in front of their army. Their group charged against the Spirit Empire's blockade alone. As Tang San used his Seagod Trident to destroy the enemy gates, Dugu Bo shielded him from all harm along with the other Six Devils, so no attack could approach within fifty meters of him. Once the next phase of battle began, Dugu Bo hunted down the Porcupinefish Douluo, refusing to believe he couldn't beat him.

One month later, Dugu Bo is again seen in the Heaven Dou Empire's war conference. He realizes Qian Renxue has become the God of Angels, but is reluctant to say it out loud and destroy morale. When Ning Fengzhi reveals the disastrous information anyways, panic descends on the conference. Emperor Xue Beng speaks up, announcing that Tang San had left the previous month to become a god himself. He lies, saying Tang San should return any day now, boosting morale to new heights. When Xue Beng admits his deception, and details the strategic reasons behind it to just the strongest present, Dugu Bo finally acknowledges him as a worthy emperor along with the other major powers in the room.

During the final battle of over a million troops, Dugu Bo witnesses Tang San's appearance as the new Seagod, and the other Six Devil's ascension to Titled Douluo, each with a 100,000 year Spirit Ring. He charges into battle alongside Heaven Dou's strongest warriors, intending to crush the enemies' most powerful forces first to pave the way for total victory.

As the Hell White Tiger and Ma Hongjun destroy the front ranks of Spirit Masters, and Tang San battles Qian Renxue, Dugu Bo slipped behind the enemies' fortifications in his miniuaturized Spirit Avatar form. As a Control Type Douluo, Dugu Bo was weaker than many of his Power Attack Type peers, but on a battlefiled his destructive power was second only to the Seagod, Tang San. With Cie Xue trapped in battle against Tang Hao, Dugu Bo was able to release his full devastating power for the first time. Thick green poison spread over the battlefield, soaking into the rocks, not immediately taking effect in order to maximize range. Dugu Bo specifically targets the masses of Spirit Masters below Rank 80. He stands up in human form, letting the Golden Crocodile Douluo see him. He meets the Rank 98 Titled Douluo's gaze, baring his teeth in a smile, sending shudders of terror running down his opponent's spine. Dugu Bo's eyes flashed green as he raised his hands, thick green gas raising from the walls. Screams of death rose from behind enemy lines - the Jade Phosphorous Snake Poison killed painlessly in just three breaths, with no chance for recovery. Terror peaked as soldiers started dropping. Spirit Masters survived a little longer, but only by a matter of seconds. Even the tiniest bit of poison spelled certain death. And every infected person would produce massive amounts of poison on death, spreading the destruction further until no victims remained.

Even Dugu Bo's own allies shuddered with fear, suddenly realizing that among all Spirit Masters, the true weapon of mass destruction wasn't Rank 95 and above Titled Douluo, or even Tang San, but the Poison Douluo hiding in the chaos of war.[11] At that critical juncture of battle, the Poison Douluo revealed his true strength, instilling nightmare level fear in the Spirit Empire. The archers, ballistae masters, and Spirit Masters alike perished in droves, their screams like a tidal wave. Some Spirit Masters chose to jump from the walls trying to escape, only to explode into poison mist before they hit the ground.

Dugu Bo himself was shocked seeing his abilities on full display in such a large battle. Watching the vibrant lives lost one after another, he also shivered somewhat. Tens of thousands died nearly instantly, with even more leaping from the walls before dying. He noted that even he couldn't stop his poison now. The watching Golden Crocodile Douluo raged, having realized the battle was over the moment he saw Dugu Bo's smile. The casualties caused by the entire Heaven Dou Empire's strength was less than 1/10th of what Dugu Bo had just inflicted.[11]

Dugu Bo's Poison Arts

The gates of Jialing Pass were finally opened, revealing green mist and melting corpses. Emperor Xue Beng didn't give the order to advance. Instead, the troops were ordered to block the poison mist with a spirit energy barrier. General Ge Long realized that if the poison wasn't blocked, everyone would perish, friend or foe alike, making this the deadliest battle in history. The battle entered a strange interlude in the wake of Dugu Bo's destruction, all fighting temporarily ceasing. High above, Qian Renxue wailed, sensing that Jialing Pass had become a graveyard with all 500,000 troops on the verge of extermination.[11] Even Tang San was horrified by the slaughter, but pushed down his kind-hearted nature by reminding himself this was war. He decided to go all out, so he could return to the battlefield and help contain Dugu Bo's poison as soon as possible.

By the time Tang San returned to the battlefield, less than 100,000 enemy troops still lived. He looked at Dugu Bo somewhat helplessly, but his old friend stared dully at the destruction, shocked and lifeless. Tang San used his Seagod powers to cause a rainstorm, dispersing the poison mist. He gathered all the poisoned water into the sky, purifying it with water and fire until none remained. [12] Tang San noted that even Dugu Bo didn't expect the aftermath to be so great. His poison arts created a nightmare legacy even stronger than before from that day forward.

Emperor Xue Beng enthusiastically congratulated Dugu Bo after the battle was won, claiming that his contributions were second only to Grandmaster, and no less than Tang San himself. Dugu Bo smiled wryly, saying he was too embarrassed to accept such an honor, since his poison could have caused a calamity if not for Tang San's purification. Tang Hao laughs at that, saying Dugu Bo would always be a butcher, but they would have won even without Tang San, just a little slower, if they'd only retreated and dealt with the poison slowly. Dugu Bo brightens at the Heavenly Douluo's praise. He says this was the first time he unleashed his full abilities on the battlefiled, and he never wanted to do so again. Xue Beng scolds him, saying that great power used for justice was good, and used for evil was evil. He reminds Dugu Bo that the casualties would have been much higher if their troops had engaged the enemy head on, and the total number of deaths was actually lower thanks to him, so there was no reason for guilt. Xue Beng swears he'll grant all of Dugu Bo's wishes in the future, thanking him over and over.[13]

Tang San steps forward, adding his own praise. He admits Dugu Bo's poison even startled him. Dugu Bo frowned, telling Tang San not to tease him just because he was a god, and that he'd still beat him up. Tang San laughed out loud, pointing out that with his father and uncle present as well as Grandmaster, even with Tang San so weakened Dugu Bo couldn't beat him up if he wanted to.

Dugu Bo watched silently for a full hour while Tang San struggled to heal Grandmaster's ruptured heart. Later, when plans were drawn up to attack Spirit City, Tang San says Dugu Bo could handle the entire battle alone if he used his hidden poison arts. Dugu Bo snapped at him, insisting he can't ever do that again. Ultimately, the battle is handed off to a small team of experts instead.

When Tang San's heart is ripped out by the God of Rakshasa, Bibi Dong, his friends surround his corpse. Dugu Bo stays silently staring at Tang San's body for a long, long time.[14] He finally spoke when Emperor Xue Beng resolved to order his army to fight to the death against Spirit Hall, telling him not to die in vain against an enemy like Bibi Dong. Surprisingly, his face was calm, but his friends all knew that was when his heart boiled the most. Dugu Bo explained that Bibi Dong's poisonous power surpassed his when she was mortal, and now that she was a god, they couldn't hope to compete. She would use her poison to wash the hills in blood just as he had done in Jialing Pass. His words left a deep impact on the others. Dugu Bo said he would follow Tang San into death, and battle against the two enemy gods. Tang Hao, Grandmaster, Oscar and Rongrong all agreed to follow him. He stopped on hearing that Oscar and Rongrong might be able to save Tang San with their new fusion ability.

Dugu Bo protected Tang San as his friends attempted to save him for two straight days, on guard to fight against Bibi Dong at any moment. He prayed for his recovery, adding the power of his faith to the holy ritual. When Tang San recovered, he felt incredible joy, and only then did he allow himself to rest. [15]

Dugu Bo attends Tang San's wedding in Heaven Dou City.

Differences in the Manhua

  • He looks young due to Titled Douluo retaining their youthful appearance in the Manhua. In the Light Novel, only Rank 99 Titled Douluo appear young.
  • Dugu Bo doesn't have a beard.
  • The reason Dugu Bo survived his own poison was implied to be the heavenly herbs in his garden, rather than the effects of the Twin Fire and Ice Orbit itself. Originally, the extreme heat and extreme cold of the Twin Fire and Ice Orbit had a restraining effect on poisons, even the ones in Dugu Bo's body.
  • Dugu Bo gave Tang the Wishful Hundred Treasure Purse willingly and while sober, so that he could take some herbs (though not everything).
  • Dugu Bo expressed far greater pain over the deaths of his father, wife, and especially his son, swearing to protect Dugu Yan with his own life.
  • The poison bet with Tang San was more complex in the Manhua, including a new section where Dugu Bo poisoned Tang San personally instead of him being affected by the air in the Fire and Ice Yin Yang Well.
  • Dugu Bo's relationship with Tang San is far more childish, involving pranks, insults, and extreme pettiness on both sides.


  • Dugu Bo's and Tang San's nicknames can be translated as either Old Monster/Little Monster, Old Freak/Little Freak, or Old Devil/Little Devil, with a translating popularity in that order. The three are interchangeable from the original translation.
  • Dugu Bo is known as the strongest Titled Douluo in terms of group attacks, but is less skilled in fighting other Titled Douluo alone.
  • Dugu Bo reached Rank 65 at the age of 37, which makes him a comparable genius to Qin Ming, who reached Rank 60 at the age of 34.[16] Qin Ming was considered an incredible genius whose record had only been surpassed once before in the history of the empire, before the formation of the Shrek Seven Devils.
  • Dugu Bo's greatest fear is to lose his freedom.[17]
  • Dugu Bo was the first famous Spirit Master possessing the Jaded Phosphorous Snake Spirit.
  • Dugu Bo's poison is capable of instantly poisoning everything within 1 kilometer of him, even grass.[18]
  • Dugu Bo's greatest pride is in his poison knowledge, where he was once unmatched. Only Tang San's knowledge of otherworldly Heavenly Herbs gave him the advantage over Dugu Bo's skills.
  • Poison type Spirit Masters are rare because Beast Spirits are fused with their host body, fusing their poison with their own bodies as well. Tool Spirits have no such weakness since their spirits aren't a physical part of them, but a poisonous Beast Spirit can contain their poison in a Spirit Bone for the same effect.
  • Dugu Bo is the only known Titled Douluo fearless enough to insult anyone, even royalty, Spirit Hall, or higher level Titled Douluo trying to kill him, with the singular exception of Tang Hao.
  • Dugu Bo has a habit of assigning nicknames to nearly everyone he speaks to, ranging from sweet to breathtakingly rude depending on his personal opinions of people's character. Those extremely unimportant and far beneath him get blanket insults like 'trash' or 'insect' instead.
  • Dugu Bo affectionately calls his granddaughter Yanyan.
  • Dugu Bo calls Yue Guan "Chrysanthemum Guan". Chrysanthemum is slang for anus, and Guan also means “pass”, creating the pun “Chrysanthemum Guan/Anal Passage.” Long story short, Dugu Bo nicknamed him "Asshole."


I don’t know about others, but if you underestimate this little monster, then I can guarantee that you’ll get the worst of it in a fight against him.
— -To Dugu Yan
Let me guess who that person is...who was the one who got beaten until he was crying for his father and mother, got his spirit shattered, and almost peed his pants? I think it's YOU, Gui Mei! Hahaha!
— Dugu Bo, to the Ghost Douluo
My son...your father couldn't save you! My heart has entered the grave with you. In the void of my heart are only pieces of pain!
— Lamenting over Dugu Xin's Grave
If you won't protect him, I will! Little Monster, I'd really want to see who dares lay a finger on you!
— (About Tang San)


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