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Let big sister teach you how to become a man.

—Dugu Yan, teasing Yu Feng when he joked not to be intimate with Yu Tianheng in front of them.

Dugu Yan
Dugu Yan 2
Name Dugu Yan
Chinese 独孤雁
Also Known As
Species Human
Gender Female
Hair Color
Eye Color Green
Personal Status
Vital Status
Relatives Dugu Bo (Grandfather)
Spirit Jade Phosphor Serpent
Spirit Rank Spirit Ancestor
Spirit Rings 2 Yellow

2 Purple

System Control System
Professional Status
Occupation Student
Affiliation Emperor Team

Heaven Dou Imperial Academy

Light Novel Debut Chapter 48
Manhua Debut Chapter 49

Dugu Yan is the granddaughter of Dugu Bo and the Vice Captain of the Emperor Team. She is implied to be in a relationship with Yu Tianheng.

Appearance Edit

She possesses a pair of green eyes that gave people a somewhat strange feeling, unable to say just why, but with a kind of bewitching charm. Her fingernails are painted green. She is originally supposed to have red hair, as described in the novel, but the manga changed her haircolor to a green/blue color.

After her spirit transformation between her brows is a rhomboid green scale. Both legs fuse together, becoming a thick serpent tail, relying on the serpent tail to prop up her upper body, causing her to sway.

Personality Edit

Having been spoiled since childhood she has a very haughty personality. Always looking down on others, if they are not of a noble background. She will also not backdown from retorting and teasing. She is very prideful and unwilling to admit when someone is superior to her, especially Tang San.

She cares greatly for Yu Tianheng and is also one of the only people other than Tang San to get along with Dugu Bo.

History Edit

She inherited her grandfather's spirit Jade Phosphor Serpent, thereby also inheriting the inherent poisonous nature of the spirit that causes detriment to the health of the user.

Plot Edit

Great Spirit Arena Edit

After being told of their match up against the Shrek Seven Devils, she immediately looks down on them due to their low Spirit Power to which teacher Qin Ming reprimands her.

Her body transforms it self into a snake when her Spirit is released. During the match when Yu Tianheng gets injured, she becomes furious attacking the Shrek Seven Devils with the Jade Phosphor Violet Poison. She is baffled when Tang San completely neutralizes her poison. With everyone taken out they conceded defeat. However, not wanting to admit defeat, the impression of the Shrek Seven Devils, especially Tang San, did not improve in her mind.

Continental Advanced Spirit Master Academy Elite Tournament Edit

Dugu Yan being part of one of the seeded teams of the Continental Advanced Spirit Master Academy Elite Tournament appears in the finals of the tournament. Before their confrontation with Spirit Hall Team as they encounter Tang San and his words to Yu Tianheng angers her but her rebuff is stopped by Yu Tianheng. Dugu Yan along with her teammates are easily defeated by the Spirit Hall Team.

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