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Your poison is very ferocious. Even capable of breaking my serpent venom. I’ll always remember my disgrace today. One day, I’ll let you fall before my poison as well!

—After losing to Tang San

Dugu Yan

Dugu Yan 2

Dugu Yan Baby

Dugu Yan Anime

Name Dugu Yan
Chinese 独孤雁
Also Known As
Species Human
Age 20's
Gender Female
Hair Color Teal (Manhua)

Purple (Anime)
Red (Light Novel)

Eye Color Blue (Manhua)

Green (Anime/Light Novel)

Personal Status
Vital Status Alive
Relatives Ying Dao (Great-Grandfather)

Dugu Bo (Grandfather)
Dugu Xin (Father)

Master Dugu Bo
Spirit Jade Phosphor Serpent
Spirit Rank Spirit Ancestor
Spirit Rings 2 Yellow

2 Purple

System Control System
Professional Status
Occupation Student
Affiliation Emperor Team

Heaven Dou Imperial Academy

Light Novel Debut Chapter 48
Manhua Debut Chapter 49

Dugu Yan is the granddaughter of Dugu Bo and the Vice Captain of the Emperor Team. She is in a relationship with Yu Tianheng.[1]

Appearance Edit

In the Light Novel, she possesses a pair of green eyes that gives people a somewhat strange feeling, with a kind of bewitching charm. Her fingernails are painted green. She has red hair.

In the Manhua, Dugu Yan has long teal hair, and blue eyes.

In the Anime, Dugu Yan has short purple hair and green eyes.

After her spirit transformation between her brows is a rhomboid green scale. Both legs fuse together, becoming a thick serpent tail, relying on the serpent tail to prop up her upper body, causing her to sway.

Personality Edit

Dugu Yan used to be a happy, innocent child, who brought light and love into the lives of her family. However, after her father's death, Dugu Yan became more twisted and aloof, and more sure of her own superiority over others, believing only the strong could survive in this world. She is powerful, sensuous, and cold towards others, only reverting to her relaxed and happy personality around her beloved grandfather, the Poison Douluo Dugu Bo.

She looks down on others, especially the weak and those not born to nobility. She has a sharp tongue and a quick temper, known for quick retorts and devastating comebacks. She is very proud, and hates to lose, but has a great respect for those she acknowledges as stronger than her, such as her teacher Qin Ming. She is shown to hold back her tongue around her teacher, acknowledging his superior strength and knowledge, and openly wants to become a Spirit Emperor before age 34, just as he once did.[2]

She cares greatly for Yu Tianheng and is also one of the only people other than Tang San to get along with Dugu Bo.

History Edit

She inherited her grandfather's spirit, the Jade Phosphor Serpent, thereby also inheriting the inherent poisonous nature of the spirit that causes detriment to the health of the user.

As a very small child, Dugu Yan watched her father struggle against the poison coursing through his body, while her grandfather desperately tried to become a Titled Douluo to save his life. However, when Dugu Bo was on the brink of breaking through to the required level, Dugu Yan rushed to his side to tell him her father was dying. Dugu Bo was in the middle of breaking through, and physically could not go to his son's side. He told Dugu Yan to go to her father, and he'd be there as soon as he could. But when he finally arrived, a Titled Douluo at last, Dugu Yan's father was dead. He embraced his last living relative over the grave of his son, promising to always protect her. [3]

Dugu Yan Child
Dugu Xin's Grave

Dugu Yan was later seen asking Dugu Bo when her father would be coming home, apparently not comprehending he was actually dead forever. Dugu Bo nearly told her the truth, but broke down and said her father was off training instead. She eventually learned the truth, and developed a much darker personality and outlook on life.

Plot Edit

Great Spirit Arena Edit

After being told of their match up against the Shrek Seven Devils, she immediately looks down on them due to their low Spirit Power, for which teacher Qin Ming reprimands her. She's astonished when he tells her to treat their poisoning injuries after the match, since he always told them to strike without mercy before then. He waves her off, saying he'll explain why after the match.[2]

Her body transforms into a snake when her Spirit is released. During the match when Yu Tianheng gets injured, she becomes furious, attacking the Shrek Seven Devils with the Jade Phosphor Violet Poison. She is baffled when Tang San completely neutralizes her poison. With everyone taken out they conceded defeat. Dugu Yan held a vicious grudge for the loss, holding Tang San especially in contempt.

Curing Her Poison Edit

(Light Novel/Anime only)

After having his own poison cured, Dugu Bo brought Dugu Yan to Shrek Academy. She argued at being brought, insulting the academy and Tang San viciously. Dugu Bo scolded her behavior, telling her Tang San was more mature than her in many ways, despite his young age. Nonetheless, he told Tang San if he injured Dugu Yan in the upcoming Continental Spirit Master Competition, he'd answer to him personally.

Dugu Bo praised Tang San so much Dugu Yan accused him of using a mind control potion on him. Tang San gave Dugu Bo more antidote for Dugu Yan, instructing him to find her a Spirit Bone so she could force her internal poison into it during the treatment.

Continental Advanced Spirit Master Academy Elite Tournament Edit

Dugu Yan, being member of a seeded team in the Continental Advanced Spirit Master Academy Elite Tournament, appears in the finals of the tournament. Before their confrontation with Spirit Hall Team, her encounter with Tang San angers her, but her sharp tongue is stopped by Yu Tianheng. Dugu Yan along with her teammates are defeated by the Spirit Hall Team.

Trivia Edit

  • In the Light Novels, it is implied Dugu Yan could be pregnant by Yu Tianheng, just before the Continental Advanced Spirit Master Academy Elite Tournament.[1]
  • Dugu Yan's personality seems to have changed drastically after the death of her father, going from sweet happy and kind to an aloof, poisonous arrogance.
  • Dugu Bo plotted to trick Tang San and Dugu Yan into entering a relationship with each other, even joking about using an aphrodisiac on Tang San to ensure Dugu Yan became pregnant, since that would make a shotgun wedding a necessity. He only dropped the matter after Tang San pointed out Dugu Yan was already in a relationship with a talented Spirit Master, and could be pregnant already. This conversation was cut from the Manhua and Anime. [1]
  • The Manhua never explicitly confirmed Dugu Yan's relationship with Yu Tianheng, despite it being common knowledge in the Light Novels, mentioned in passing by several members of the Heaven Dou Imperial Team, Tang San, and Dugu Bo himself. [4]
  • Dugu Yan was born with the poison hued hair, unlike her initially brown haired grandfather, as a result of being poisoned in the womb.[5][3]

References Edit

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