Fighting Style[edit | edit source]

As she is a Control System spirit master she tends to release her poisonous attacks in a large area in order to attack and disrupt her opponents. When poisoning the enemies fail she instead stays back and acts as support, using her poison to strengthen her allies.

Spirit[edit | edit source]

Jade Phosphor Serpent

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Initial Skill
  • Name: Jade Phosphor Serpent
  • Type: Beast Spirit
  • Gives the constitution of a snake.
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1st Spirit Ring (Manhua)[edit | edit source]

  • Name: Red Jaded Scale Poison
  • Stimulant poison.
  • Stimulate Nervous System
  • Increases attack by 20%
  • Increases Speed by 20%
Spirit Beast
  • Unknown
  • Age: 300+ years
  • Spirit Ring Colour: Yellow
Red Jaded Scale Poison.jpg

2nd Spirit Ring (Manhua)[edit | edit source]

  • Name: Blue Jaded Scale Poison
  • Numbing poison.
  • Takes away the feeling of pain.
  • Increases defense by 30%
Spirit Beast
  • Unknown
  • Age: 600+ years
  • Spirit Ring Colour: Yellow
Blue Jaded Scale Poison.jpg

3rd Spirit Ring[edit | edit source]

  • Name: Jade Phosphor Violet Poison
  • Within minutes of contact, will exude pus and cause death.
Spirit Beast
  • Unknown
  • Age: 1,000+ years
  • Spirit Ring Colour: Purple
Jade Phosphor Violet Poison.jpg
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