Earthworm Pumpkin
Name Earthworm Pumpkin
Chinese 地龙金瓜
Also Known As Land Dragon Golden Gourd
Type Immortal Herb

Spirit Beast

Description Edit

It possesses the ability of the Earthworm’s Turn, so it is of the earth attribute. Fusing with it will allow someone to have extraordinary elevation in his ability to control the earth and even increase the spirit skills on a large scale.

Human Form Edit

It looks like a person with the bulkiest body amongst his peers.

Use Edit

Yuanen Yehui absorbed the Earthworm Pumpkin once she reached rank 80 and obtained two spirit skills. It helped improve her strength and defense.

Soul Land III Plot Edit

The Earthworm Pumpkin was one of the six immortal herbs that was able to cultivate to the 100,000 year level. He was residing within the ice and fire yin yang well with the other immortal herbs when the Shrek Seven Monsters, Gu Yuena, and Zang Xin paid them a visit.

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