Eastsea Academy
Name Eastsea Academy
Chinese 东海学院
Also Known As Donghai Academy
Empire Sun-Moon Federation
City Eastsea City
Head Unknown President

Long Hengxu (Dean)

Description[edit | edit source]

Eastsea Academy is a large Spirit Master academy which is actually comprised of both an intermediate academy and an advanced academy. The two has a myriad of differences between one another. The students are classified in classes depending on their spirit and spirit power.

The academy doesn’t allow the use of vehicles within its grounds. If any vehicles enter campus grounds, they will have to immediately head off to the side and enter the underground parking lot.

Intermediate Academy[edit | edit source]

The intermediate academy took up two thirds of the total area. As long as one is a Spirit Master and resides within the greater area of Eastsea City, or has a recommendation letter, one will be able to enter the intermediate academy and receive a Spirit Master’s education. One can study at the intermediate academy for six years. For all six grades, there are five classes and class five was always the worst. After graduating, students will then be able to take the entrance exam to enter an advanced Soul Master academy, but no more than a tenth of the applicants pass.

Intermediate academies teach students how to use the knowledge of the elementary academy and the direction in which they take to cultivate their martial souls.

It is a massive building with twelve floors in total. The upperclassmen are in the higher floors while the newer students are on the lower floors. There are around a hundred students within each grade, totaling up to a rough figure of seven to eight hundred students in all.

Advanced Academy[edit | edit source]

The advanced academy only take up one third of the area, the west side of the campus. It is still the most important part of the academy. Advanced academies aren’t part of the compulsory education, so a series of rigorous exams will be used to test the applicants. Anyone who is accepted into an advanced academy will definitely be considered an elite.

There are close to two hundred students. Students in the advanced academy are divided into three grades. It is thus an arduous task to get into the advanced academy that only has a small succession rate of 20% of students coming from the Intermediate Academy.

Class Promotion Tournament[edit | edit source]

Every new academic year, the academy has a grand tournament. There’s one for both the intermediate division and the advanced division. The intermediate division has a total of six grades, and all of them participate. The weakest class starts first and each class picks the students that participates. Class five challenge class four, and so on. If the challenger is victorious, then the class numbers will be switched. In other words, if class five beat class four, they won’t be the lowest ranked class five anymore, but the first grade’s class four. The class rankings depend on the victor of the challenge. If challengers are victorious, they can continue to challenge higher ranked classes until they lose. For all six grades, the most victorious will become their grade’s class one. If they then proceed to challenge the next grade and win, they are rewarded.

The number of participants required is a pair or a trio per class.

Teachers[edit | edit source]

Students[edit | edit source]

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