Elemental Silver Wolf
Elemental silver wolf
Name Elemental Silver Wolf
Also Known As
Age 3000+
Species Silver Wolf
Vital Status Dead

Description Edit

The Silverwolf is a special spirit beast in the Sun Moon Empire. It’s a metal element soul beast, but it’s not any ordinary soul beast. It’s very difficult to deal with, and it feeds on Mithril. The Silverwolf needs to consume massive amounts of Mithril to break through its own bottleneck like humans need a soul ring when they reach a bottleneck.

There’s a rumor that a Silverwolf King appeared in the past with cultivation of ten thousand years. It managed to resist two Soul Douluo before escaping with injuries. A Silverwolf Emperor with a hundred thousand year cultivation and above has never appeared before. A Silverwolf’s fur and bones are extremely useful materials for making soul tools with, while their meat is quite delicious, and can strengthen the body of a spirit master.

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