Emerald Demon Bird
Emerald Demon Bird
Name Emerald Demon Bird
Chinese 翠魔鸟
Also Known As
Age 10,000+ years
Species Bird
Vital Status Alive

Description[1] Edit

The Emerald Demon Bird was one of the most ruthless bird-type soul beasts. Its growth depended upon sucking the brains of all living creatures. Any soul beast or human could be its target although the Emerald Demon Bird was particularly fond of human brains. The soul beast moved swift as lightning and was at the top of the list in terms of speed in the entire soul beasts’ world. Fortunately, there were not a lot of them in the world.

The Emerald Demon Birds once caused a major catastrophe in the ancient world. They were still bird-type soul beasts at the time. Wherever the Emerald Demon Birds were present, all the living creatures were left with a hole in their heads without the brain. It was a terrifying scene!

Thereafter, the Emerald Demon Birds were exterminated in an operation that was carried out in the soul beasts’ world. They were singled out to be killed under the leadership of a few soul beast kings. Only a few survived the massacre. From then on, the Emerald Demon Birds’ threat to the living creatures on the continent was greatly reduced. Even when the birds appeared occasionally, they were extremely cautious and vigilant.

Human knowledge of the Emerald Demon Bird was little, only some were recorded in the ancient records. This was because the Emerald Demon Birds were abusing the continent when the soul beasts ruled over the continent.

During those times, an Emerald Demon Bird once fed on a true dragon’s brain and continued evolving to become the most terrifying killer of that era.

To avenge the murder of a dragon, the Dragon Clan which dominated the continent during the era gathered its forces to massacre the Emerald Demon Birds and annihilated them completely.

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