Emerald Swan
Name Emerald Swan
Chinese 翡翠天鹅
Also Known As
Age 100+ ~ 100,000+ years
Species Bird
Vital Status

Description Edit

The Emerald Swans are a healing-type spirit beast. They are even on the verge of extinction, and are rarer than Darkgolden Terrorclaw Bears. The reason why they are about to go extinct is because they are very weak, especially at a young age. They are easily targeted as prey. In addition, their bodies are filled with natural and pure life energy. The life energy of a hundred-thousand-year Emerald Swan could even compare to Life Gold. They were considered great nourishment to any spirit beast.

As a result, an Emerald Swan was very likely to be killed before it matured into an adult.

Significant Specimens Edit

Bi Ji Edit

She is the fourth of the Ten Savage Beast of the Star Dou Forest. She participated in the battle against Shrek Academy in the Beast Tide.

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