Emperor Team
Emperor Team
Name Emperor Team
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Profile Edit

Emperor Team is a team from the Heaven Dou Imperial Academy, who is of Silver Rank. They attained the Silver Rank after a year of battles.

Members Edit

Battle Record Edit


  • 2 Wins
  • 1 Loss

Battle Formation Edit

Their usual battle formation is 2-1-3-1.

Shi Mò
Shi 1 Mug

Defense System

Shi Mó
Shi 2 Mug

Defense System

Yu Tianheng
Yu Tianheng Mug

Power Attack System

Osler Mug

Agility Attack System

Dugu Yan
Dugu Yan Mug

Control System

Yu Feng
Yu Feng Mug

Agility Attack System

Xie Lingling
Xie Lingling Mug

Auxiliary System

Trivia Edit

  • In the manhua they are called "Royal Combat Team".
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