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Very well, that’s the way. The utilization of strength is never unitary. It can be used to squeeze oneself, squeeze one’s strength, squeeze the air and squeeze the space. That’s right. That’s precisely how it should be done. Hah-hah-hah, she is my little girl after all!
— Below the competition stage, a burly man watched the scene in excitement. Moreover, he strenuously was swinging his fist. - Chapter 1531

Appearance[edit | edit source]

His existence is like a mountain, black fur all over its body. The height of its shoulders at least outstripped seven meters. Not only was its body enormous, but all over its entire body it was covered with muscles protruding like little hills.

Unrivaled Tang Sect (Human)[edit | edit source]

He was an extremely muscular and well-built middle-aged man. He had a head full of short, prickly hair that resembled steel needles, and a very grand appearance. He had tough, chiseled facial features, while his eyes were brownish-yellow and flickered faintly with golden light. His long grey robe couldn’t mask his bulging muscles.

The Legend of the Dragon King (Human)[edit | edit source]

The hundred-meter-tall Titan Giant Ape was also shrinking rapidly and transformed into a man with an iron pagoda-like countenance.

It was a burly man over two meters in height. His clothes, nothing unusual, were propped up by his firm, bulky muscles.

A burly man with a strong physique.

The Ultimate Douluo (Human)[edit | edit source]

Description[edit | edit source]

The Titan Giant Apes are called Forest Kings and possessed intelligence no less than humans. It's muscles are even tougher than granite. Even though it is such an enormous animal, it doesn't make any noise while walking, not even the sound of breathing. Titan Giant Ape has tyrannical attack and defense. Although its body is enormous, its speed is still extremely terrifying. The eyes are one of the Titan Great Ape’s rare weaknesses.

History[edit | edit source]

Soul Land 1[edit | edit source]

When they were very small spirit beasts Er Ming was saved by Da Ming's father. The trio of Da Ming, Er Ming and Xiao Wu often play together with the other two teasing Xiao Wu often.

After they become somewhat formidable Spirit Beasts, they travel to the center of the Star Dou Forest to acquire their own area. Later on following the death of Xiao Wu's mother, she comes to them and is protected by them.

Soul Land 3[edit | edit source]

Soul Land Plot[edit | edit source]

Star Dou Forest[edit | edit source]

The Titan Giant Ape comes across the Shrek Seven Devils and Zhao Wuji and attacks them. They are unable to retaliate even at Zhao Wuji's full power. Then it kidnaps Xiao Wu and runs away. Later Xiao Wu converses with it calling it Er Ming, and it is because it had smelled Xiao Wu that it had come to take her. Then it guards Xiao Wu, while she materializes a Purple Spirit Ring.

Spirit Hall Attacks[edit | edit source]

Er Ming is sat beside Xiao Wu at Star Dou Lake. He tells her that the humans they ran into a while back escaped and warns her not to leave Star Dou Lake as he and Da Ming can protect her better. He quietly listens while Xiao Wu tells them about her adventures in the human world.

When Spirit Hall seeks out Xiao Wu to capture her, Da Ming and Er Ming confronts them. However they are immobilized by the Spirit Fusion between Gui Mei and Yue Guan. They manage to break free just as Xiao Wu uses sacrifice to save Tang San and integrate her soul into his 6th Spirit Ring. Xiao Wu leaves them an imprint of what Tang San did to save her life, thus causing the two of them not to kill Tang San. The two silently protects Xiao Wu's rabbit form body as she feeds on energy of the Yearning Heartbroken Red. After all the energy is taken and Tang San loses consciousness, they bring him to the lake where they usually reside.

After Tang San comes to Er Ming explains that for the revival of Xiao Wu, they would require the medicinal plants Sacred Soul Grass, Ginseng King and neidan of an ancient beast. Also Tang San would have to be at the Titled Douluo level and sacrifice all his spirit rings to revive her. Er Ming states that he and Da Ming would acquire the Sacred Soul Gear while leaving the rest to him. Tang San unhesitatingly agrees to no matter what the cost to go through any suffering to revive her. His resolution surprises Er Ming immensely. As Tang San is about to leave, he is rather hesitant to allow him to leave with Xiao Wu, but since Da Ming approves it, he lets him go.

Being Hunted by Bibi Dong[edit | edit source]

Er Ming and Da Ming were being hunted by Bibi Dong and Spirit Hall when Tang San arrived, delaying Spirit Hall while Xiao Wu leads them to safety. Er Ming and Da Ming were grateful to Tang San for preventing from becoming Bibi Dong's spirit rings. Unfortunately, they were poisoned by Bibi Dong and do not have long to live. Er Ming and Da Ming decided to give their spirit rings and spirit bones to Tang San, so that he can reach rank 90 and revive Xiao Wu.

Soul Land III Plot[edit | edit source]

Soul Land IV Plot[edit | edit source]

Trivia[edit | edit source]

  • Er Ming calls Da Ming "Big Brother".
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