Description[edit | edit source]

Evileye Tyrants are very powerful soul beasts. An Evileye with cultivation exceeding ten thousand years could be considered an Evileye Tyrant. Their abilities differ greatly depending on their cultivation. Evileye Tyrants are very special because they can only produce skulls and no other Spirit Bones.

Evileye Tyrants live in groups, and they only live in the hottest and most humid environments. They’re from the Sun Moon Empire, in the Evildemon Forest. They are able to cause all types of spiritual interference and confusion to any creature apart from their main offensive ability, the Evileye Ray.

Another innate spirit skill of an Evileye is Spiritual Forcefield. Anyone whose spiritual power is weaker will be suppressed. Depending on one’s cultivation and spiritual power, he will experience different intensities of dizziness, dullness, fatigue, dispiritedness, weakness, and other states. This is also one of the best crowd-control skills that Evileyes are capable of.

Not all Evileyes possess the same abilities. There are different species of Evileyes. Among the Evileye species, those with fewer abilities are actually stronger. This means that the fewer innate spirit skills they possess, the greater their abilities. Red tentacles are fire-element, green tentacles are corrosive-element and white tentacles are spiritual- element. The number of tentacles is also a semi-definite way of determining the strength of an Evileye. The more tentacles an Evileye has, the stronger it is.

Appearance [edit | edit source]

This Spirit Beast has a very strange appearance. It drifts in the air and looks like a balloon. It is a huge, bloodshot eye that is a meter across. 

There are clusters of brown stripes around this huge eye, and it has six tentacles that drooped onto the ground, which supported it in the air. As these tentacles dragged the eye, they left rotten ditches behind along its path. Its mouth is behind its pupil.

History[edit | edit source]

They originally didn’t exist in the Douluo Continent, they are natives of the Sun Moon Continent. A few thousand years ago, the strongest Evileye Tyrant, known as the Evileye Tyrant King, once entered the Great Star Dou Forest. At that point in time, Daydream was also in the Great Star Dou Forest. There was a huge fight between the Evileye Tyrant King and the Beast God Di Tian, who is one of the Ten Great Savage Beasts. The two beasts fought for three days and three nights before the Beast God managed to defeat the Evileye Tyrant King due to his superior cultivation. At that point, the Evileye Tyrant King tried to kill Skydream before he left. However, the voice of a mysterious existence suddenly sounded and scared him off.

Significant Specimens[edit | edit source]

Evileye Tyrant Emperor(800.000 years)[edit | edit source]

The Evileye Tyrant King only has one elemental type – spiritual. It can use countless spiritual-type spirit skills with its immense spiritual power. In addition, the area that it can cover with its attacks is frightening, even exceeding that of the Beast God, Di Tian.

Fiery Evileye Tyrant (10.000+ years)[edit | edit source]

Huo Yuhao encounters one Devouring Dragon with +20.000 years battling with a Fiery Evileye Tyrant of +10.000 years in the Eyedemon Forest, in Sun Moon Empire. This Fiery Evileye Tyrant possessed at least three different elements from the attack it had unleashed earlier and from the colors of its tentacles. It was spiritual-type, fire-type, and corrosive-type.

Evileye Tyrant King's Son (100.000 years)[edit | edit source]

The body of this Evileye, or rather its huge eye, was silver-white. Its size was terrifying. It was more than three meters across. This Evileye had sixteen drooping tentacles. This also meant that this Evileye only possessed the spiritual element. It became the Seventh Spirit Ring of Huo Yuhao.

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