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The Falan Planet is a place where Humanity is enslaved by superior races, such as Monsters and Spirits. It is extremely rich in the energy of heaven and earth, almost equal to the divine realm. In the whole Falan Planet, there is only one big continent and it is called the Fairy Continent. There are two empires in Fairy Continent, Tianyu Empire for the monsters and Richen Empire for the spirits. According to known records, among the monsters, there are a total of nine heavenly monsters. The lord of every main city is actually the descendant of the heavenly monster. On the side of the spirit clan, there are seven heavenly spirits that reach the same level as the heavenly monsters. Not all of these powers exist. Three of them have died earlier, and their offsprings have not yet grown to a level where they can reach the pinnacle.

Tianhu Empire

Monster Clan mainly controls the northeast part of the Fairy Continent, Tianyu Empire, each race has many big cities, ruled by powerful big monsters. Only the most powerful big monster is qualified to rule these main cities. The weaker ones are centered on the main city, forming villages and towns with ethnic groups as the unit. Villages and towns are also divided into small and large, like Wind Wolf Town, it is just the smallest town. There are seven main cities in the monster clan.

Richen Empire

Spirit Clan mainly controls the southwest part of the Fairy Continent, Richen Empire, which is larger than Tianyu Empire. Similar to the monster clan, each race has many big cities, ruled by powerful great spirits. There are seven main cities in the spirit clan. At the center of the junction of the two races, it can also be said to be the center of the whole fairy continent, and there is also a holy city, which is the largest city in the whole fairy continent, inhabiting the most powerful monsters and spirits. The size of the city is said to be unimaginable. The ancestral court is located in the Holy City and is belonged to both monster and spirit clans.

Endless Blue Sea

On this planet, many sea clans also exist and occupy the Endless Blue Sea that make up around 4/5 of the expanse of the planet. They are actually even more ancient than the monster races on the land, having been around before any other monster clan was established on land. And despite this, their power currently only barely matches up to the Ancestral Court in terms of power. This is due to them not possessing any Emperors within their clan. For thousands of years, they have been afflicted with a sea plague that would constantly eradicate their families then appear at another place in the sea to repeat itself.

In the Endless Blue Sea, off the shores of the Richen Empire, lies the Magma Red Sea. Due to stealing of the fortune by the Heavenly Fox Emperor, all the bad luck accumulated in the ocean and formed a plague, dying a part of the ocean and giving it the title of Ghostly Yellow Sea. as well as giving birth to the Ghostly Azure Sea. There are also mentions of the Living Green Sea and Sacred Clear Sea, both areas with similar energy levels as the Magma Red Sea, albeit smaller in size.

Bloodline Level

In the entire monster clan and spirit clan, the principle of blood supremacy is followed. A strong bloodline represents a strong strength and potential.


There are 5 level bloodlines in the monster clan. The third and fourth levels of monsters constitute the main force of the entire monster clan. They are the most numerous and the most active. In daily life, most of the monsters that have seen are the third, fourth, and fifth levels of monsters. The second levels command the third and fourth levels, managing the entire monster clan. The monsters of the first level will not easily leave the ancestral court, and all the kings of the monster clan of the second level must take the responsibility of protecting them.

If the leader of each tribe, the second-level monster clan with golden bloodline is the Great Demon King, then the heavenly demon with the first-level bloodline is the True Emperor of each clan. The first level, sometimes, will be called the Great Demon. But the real first-level monster powerhouse had another name in the ancient times, that is, the heavenly monster. The real heavenly monsters do not matter at their level when they are born. What is important is that they inherit the blood of the prophets of the monster clan, and they are the existence that leads history.

1st level - Heavenly demon bloodline, eg. Crystal Dragon, Heavenly Fox, Peacock Emperor, Immortal Phoenix, Behemoth, White Tiger, Dark Dragon, Golden Liger, Golden Mammoth, Crystal Phoenix, Seven-colored Deer, Fire Dragon, Wind Dragon, Poison Dragon, Ice Phoenix, Red-crowned Crane (quasi-first level), Darkness Demon (either first or second level depending on the monster)

  • The first-level heavenly demon is a legend in itself, and the number is extremely rare. Once they reach this level, it means that as long as they grow up normally, they will definitely be able to cultivate to the twelfth level, or even the peak of the twelfth level. In the legend, there are also heavenly demon that can touch higher levels. But any heavenly demon, in the world of the entire monster clan, is the peak of existence. They have absolute authority, and the inheritance of their blood is related to the life and death of the entire monster clan.

2nd level - Golden bloodlines of the big monsters, eg. All Golden Monsters (except Golden Mammoth, Golden Liger), Ice Dragon, Red Dragon, Star Moon Dragon, Bright Tiger, Temporal Crocodile, Rhinoceros Deer, Red Fox, Blue Fox, Darkgold Devil Bear, Devil Infant, Green Luan, Dark Devil Tiger (quasi-second level)

  • The monsters of the second level are the inheritors of the golden blood of the major monster families, and the golden blood is the feature of the second level. They have the purest blood of various groups handed down from ancient times, and they have also inherited powerful strength. The second-level monster powerhouses often have the strength of the eighth or even the ninth rank when they are just born, and they are extremely powerful. After they reach adulthood, they are almost all god-level powerhouses, standing at the top of the pyramid. They are the masters of the monster clan, and they control the entire monster clan. Only the second-tier strong bloodline are qualified to enter the ancestral court.

3rd level - Royal families and strong monsters among lions, tigers, bears, wolves, etc

  • The monsters of the third level are inherently at least the third level, but generally not more than the eighth level. This level can also be said to be the mainstay of the monster clan. Some strong clans belong to this level. For example, royal families and powerful branches among lions, tigers, leopards, bears, wolves, and Jiao belong to this level. The weaker branches belong to the fourth level. For example, the wind wolf belongs to the fourth level, and the great demon in the line of the wolf demon today is the Golden Wolf King. At the third level, it is possible to cultivate to the god level, the tenth level, and it is even possible to break through to the eleventh level. But the third level is difficult to cultivate to the top ancestral demon level, that is, it is difficult to become the legendary twelfth-level big demon.

4th level - Weaker monsters among the same kinds as above

  • Only the monsters of the fourth level can be regarded as real monsters. Almost all monsters at the fourth level are good at fighting. They are all second-tier or higher by nature, but generally do not exceed fifth-tier. When the top fourth-level monsters are born, they are not much different from the third-level monsters, but their growth potential will be different. The number of monsters at this level is the largest. Most of the monsters in the middle level belong to this level. Their biggest feature is that it is difficult to break through the ninth level through cultivation and reach a god level.

5th level - Relatively weak and not good at fighting such as pigs

  • The fifth-level monster clan refers to those monster clan that are relatively weak and not very good at fighting. It also includes some vassal populations of the monster clan, such as the pig monster, which are of this type. The biggest feature of this type of monster population is that it is not subdivided. Just like the pig demon, all of them are pig demon, and will not be divided into black pig demon, white pig demon and so on. Because of its weakness, there is only one collective name. Porcupines that are good at fighting do not belong to this category. Porcupines are divided into a separate category. The fifth-level monsters often have some combat effectiveness, but generally speaking, they are not more than third-tier innate. The room for growth in the future is also very limited, which can be regarded as the bottom of the monster clan.

As for human vassals, it depends on the bloodlines of the monsters they inherited.


The spirits are not like the monsters because the various races of the monsters are distinct from each other. The bloodlines of the monster races have their own attributes, and the bloodlines are congenitally separated, so that they will not be too close to each other. The spirit clan is dominated by plants, but the bloodlines of plants can be merged, grafted, cultivated, and mutated. Simply put, if several plants are cleverly grafted, they may even cultivate a more powerful race. The bloodlines between the spirit races do not have the innate rejection of the monster races, and it is unlikely that there will be problems like the liger monster.

The more tolerant nature of the spirit clan makes the relationship between the various races of the spirit clan closer and united. In terms of overall strength, the Richen Empire is not much weaker than the Tianyu Empire.

1st level - Heavenly Sunflower, Earthy Yin Heavenly Grass, Dementor Tree (Soul Eating Tree), Sycamore Tree, Colored Glazed Stone (Glass Stone), Diamond, Endless Spring, Fiery Sunflower, Dark Moon Flower, Blue Gold Tree

2nd level - Spider Tree, Corpse Swallowing Tree, Sharp Gold

3rd level - Mysterious Ice, Water, Golden Tree


The coins are made of rare minerals or plants. On the side of the Tianyu Empire, coins are mainly made of minerals. On the side of the Richen Empire, most of them are made of plants. The biggest advantage of such a coin is that the coin itself contains energy, which can be directly absorbed by the user to strengthen the bloodline, so it cannot be counterfeited. That is to say, coins themselves are valuable.

The currency of the Tianyu Empire mainly has five levels. The highest-level currency is called Amethyst Coin, which is made of a special amethyst ore. It is said that there is a lot of energy in it, even if the monsters and the spirits can be used to practice. The number of amethyst coins is very rare, and it generally does not circulate on the market. Its value lies more on its symbolic meaning.

An Amethyst Coin is equivalent to about 100 Tianyu coins. Tianyu coin is made of six rare minerals. These six rare minerals have six elemental attributes: water, fire, earth, wind, light and darkness respectively. Splicing them together is an extremely difficult process in itself. The energy contained in them is also extremely powerful, which plays a great role in stimulating blood vessels and improving blood strength.

A Tianyu coin is equal to ten element coins. Elemental coins are mainly divided into six types. The elemental coin of different elements emits different light. The material is the minerals with six attributes used to make Tianyu coins, but the quality is lower than the same variety of minerals used in Tianyu coins. This is also the most mainstream high currency in circulation on the market, with strong purchasing power.

Behind the six element coins are Lingxi (Rhinoceros) coins. The rhinoceros coin is made of a rhinoceros ore, and an element coin is about an equivalent to a hundred rhinoceros coins. The rhinoceros coin is dark silver and looks simple and introverted.

There are many kinds of lowest-class currencies, so they are also called monster coins, which are distinguished by energy intensity. Minerals containing 1% of the first-order monster bloodline and above can be used as monster coins. There are many kinds of monster coins, which are relatively mixed. The exchange rate of Lingxi coins to different monster coins is different, which needs to be calculated more complicatedly. Therefore, most of the time, big cities still trade with rhinoceros coins.

Planar Lord

It was revealed while Tang San was making a breakthrough to tier 10 that it is the planar lord who intends to keep the balance on Falan Planet. He dislikes those who would pose a threat to the balance of the planet as a whole. Beings like the Heavenly Fox Emperor and Tang San are threats to the plane, one being greedy and stealing the luck of the planet for his own clan, the other being too powerful for the plane to contain in the future. It controls and orders the calamities, but is not one and the same. While it would prefer to have all of its luck returned and dispersed to all the clans of the planet, Tang San speculated doing so too quickly would cause a rebound and imbalance the plane even further. It is closest in relation to the strongest monster on the plane, which was the Crystal Demon Emperor at the time, and the Sea Giant Clan, since their ability helped stabilize the sea and land in the early era. After a promise with Tang San to not harm the planet and leave when he restore his cultivation, the planar lord became satisfied and allowed him to succeed in his breakthrough.


This is the planet where Tang San reincarnates into in Soul Land 5. See more at Soul Land 5 Spoilers. Information for Tang San (DD5) at Tang San/SL5 (SPOILERS!)

Huo Tian, a royalty who belonged to the Huo Li Clan, is from the Fairy Continent. Huo Tian got transported to Douluo Planet along with his clan members after the Warcraft Catastrophe. Tang Wulin met Huo Tian in Soul Land 3.

Tang San (DD5) got reborn before the Warcraft Catastrophe on Falan Star, this means that Huo Tian, who met Tang Wulin, is from the future (after Tang San in Soul land 5) of Tang San's timeline on Falan star/DD5 Story.