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Feng Xiaotian

Feng Xiaotian 6

Godwind Anime

Feng Xiaotian Spirit Anime

Name Feng Xiaotian
Chinese 风笑天
Also Known As
Species Human
Age 29
Gender Male
Hair Color Black (Manhua)

White (Anime)

Eye Color Teal (Manhua)

Violet (Anime)

Personal Status
Vital Status Alive
Spirit Stormwind Doubleheaded Wolf
Spirit Rank Spirit Emperor - Rank 61
Spirit Rings 2 Yellow

2 Purple
2 Black

System Power Attack &

Agility Attack System

Professional Status
Occupation Student
Affiliation Godwind Academy

Shrek Academy

Light Novel Debut Chapter 101
Manhua Debut Chapter 96

Appearance Edit

Feng Xiaotian is described in the Light Novels as a handsome person.

In the Manhua, he's a slender, fair skinned young man with flowing black hair, and teal eyes. He wears crisp, white clothing, and carries himself with the air of a noble. Feng Xiaotian often carries a single red rose to better pose with, often placing it in his mouth to make dramatic entrances.

In the Anime, Feng Xiaotan has windswept silver hair, and violet eyes. He wears teal and black battle robes.

Spirit Transformation Edit

With the unleashing of his spirit a layer of faint cyan light rushes out of his body. Along with the appearance of the cyan light, his body clearly change. With the sound of cracking bones, his muscles and bones swell simultaneously, his body growing larger. His long hair is also rendered cyan, and most peculiarly, a wolf’s head protrudes from his left shoulder.

In the manhua, Feng Xiaotian's hair turns white, and he's surrounded by vicious gale winds.

In the anime, he grows shining blue wings of light, and spectral wolves attack his foes.

Personality Edit

Feng Xiaotian is a cheerful person, often encouraging others, interacting happily. He also has a single minded dedication, a straightforward personality, and good sense. He's incredibly vain, proud, and somewhat shallow.

He's also known to be quite devious when it comes to his own goals, even going so far as to leak the battle abilities of his opponents to their enemies to further his own relationship with Huo Wu.

In the anime, he's seen adjusting the appearances of everyone he sees, making them prettier versions of themselves. Dai Mubai was the only one not subject to this treatment, getting a fistbump instead.

History Edit

As Blazing Academy and Godwind Academy were in close proximity they interacted often, causing Feng Xiaotian to meet up with Huo Wu when she was 13 years old. He fell in love with her at first sight and became closer to her and her brother in order to express his love.

Plot Edit

Continental Advanced Spirit Master Academy Elite Tournament Edit


Following Blazing Academy's defeat against Shrek Academy, he arrives at the resting areas of the Blazing Academy members, promising to take revenge on their behalf.

Huo Wu then confronts him about his feelings for her, and he admits he likes her. Huo Wu promises to date him if he manages to beat Tang San. He is enthralled at the suggestion, and burns with passion to defeat Tang San.

He appears, posing in the window, to give Shrek Academy information about the abilities of their next opponents, Skywater Academy, hoping it will help him face off against Tang San further in the tournament, thus giving him a chance to date Huo Wu.

Before the match against Blue Sunshine Academy, he meets up with the members of Shrek Academy, being friendly and encouraging them to win.

He is distraught after Shrek Academy forfeits the match against them, but continues to come and encourage them in subsequent matches.

Ranking Competition Edit

Following Shrek Academy's fight against the Botanic Academy, when he sees Tang San and Huo Wu go to the resting area, he follows them out of curiosity and jealousy. He becomes extremely furious and jealous after he sees Huo Wu hug and kiss Tang San thinking that they are in a relationship.

After Shrek Academy's fight against the Thunderclap Academy, Feng Xiaotian obstructs Tang San's return and challenges him to a one on one battle with whoever wins the battle will give the victory to the whole team on the next day's match up.

Feng Xiaotian immediately at the start of the match uses his strength and agility to battle against Tang San and is amazed by his resilience. He brings forth his self made spirit ability Stormwind Demon Wolf’s Thirty Six Successive Chops. It is however counteracted by Tang San using his Clear Sky Hammer which causes Feng Xiaotian to lose the battle. He is however happy to find out that there is nothing going on between him and Huo Wu.

Finals Edit

On their way to Spirit City to take part in the finals, he is asked by Huo Wu to form a collaboration with Blazing Academy to create a team from both academies in order to become stronger and defeat the others. Huo Wu temporarily transfers herself and her teammates to Godwind Academy.

Following the start of the team fight against Shrek Academy in the semi-finals, Feng Xiaotian along with Huo Wu and two supporting Spirit Masters form a Spirit Fusion, allowing Feng Xiaotian to become very powerful and use his self made Spirit Ability. However they are defeated by Shrek Seven Devil's Spirit Fusion ability.

Shrek Academy Edit

He arrives at Shrek Academy along with the other members from the Four Elemental Academies to incite trouble. He makes sure to exactly time a moment when all the higher ups are not at the academy. As the Vice Dean and the spokesperson for the Four Element Academies he wishes to overpower Shrek Academy in their alliance against Spirit Hall. When Tang San returns, he challenges him and fights against him along with Huo Wu and Huo Wushuang. He is immensely shocked when Tang San reveals his 100,000 year Spirit Ring. The three of them try their best to defeat Tang San but end up being defeated quite easily in the process.

He, along with Huo Wu, leaves with the Shrek Devils to discuss the requirements for the Four Element Academies being accepted into Shrek Academy. He admits instigating the students to fight against each other. When he states that he wishes to use the academy grounds of Shrek Academy, he is flatly rejected by Tang San. Later after Flender arrives, he is forced to agree to join Shrek Academy.

Differences in the ManhuaEdit

  • In the novel, he was the first person to show his own self created spirit ability, while in the manhua, the Shrek Seven Devils already created and used their own self created spirit abilities.
  • In the manhua he is more straightforward about his feelings toward Huo Wu.
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