Fire Basin
Name Fire Basin
Chinese 烈火盆地
Also Known As
Empire Sun-Moon Federation
Area West Region

Description Edit

The Fire Basin is a location in the western region of the Federation with a vast dessert in the east and the Skyreach Mountain to the west[1]. The temperature there was rather high such that one would need light clothing upon entering the Fire Basin. Despite not being called a city, it was the most populated place in the western region of the entire continent.

The majority of the buildings inside the Basin was built from earth and stones. The attire of its people was quite different from those living on the other side of the desert. Most of the people wore veils to keep out the sand and wind. Hence, their identities were concealed. It was home to a large number of aborigines all year round. At the same time, it was also the most important trade city on the west side of the entire continent. All sorts of supplies were available here[2].

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