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Spirit Masters who dare not cause trouble are not good Spirit Masters.

—Flender's, words of wisdom.

Name Flender
Chinese 弗兰德
Also Known As Flying Corner of the Golden Iron Triangle
Species Human
Gender Male
Hair Color Black
Eye Color
Personal Status
Vital Status Alive
Disciple Ma Hongjun
Spirit Owl
Spirit Rank Spirit Douluo - Rank 83
Spirit Rings 2 Yellow

3 Purple
3 Black

System Agility Attack System
Professional Status
Occupation Dean of Shrek Academy
Affiliation Golden Iron Triangle

Shrek Academy

Light Novel Debut Chapter 15
Manhua Debut Chapter 10

 Appearance Edit

He is a middle aged person. His face is very characteristic, chin somewhat prominent, cheek bones very wide, in addition a bit aquiline nose. He gives off a somewhat devious feeling. On his face is a set of black framed crystal glasses, frames with a kind of rigid squares. He has an average figure, but a little chubby.

Spirit Transformation Edit

Following spirit transformation a pair of huge wings stretch out open from his back with the whole body being covered by a layer of feathers. His pupils turn to pair of orange yellow eyes. His feet turning into sharp claws.

Personality Edit

He is a deeply prideful person. He is very strict but also cares for each of his students. He is selfless when it comes to love. He is considerate of others to a certain degree. However he also cares much for money, not hesitating to find ways to earn it by putting others in embarrassing situations.

History Edit

Flender met with Yu Xiaogang and Liu Erlong when they were young and formed the team Golden Iron Triangle. He fell in love with Liu Erlong but since she was in love with Yu Xiaogang, he gave up and gave them their blessing. Following the disbanding of the team, he founded the Shrek Academy, a school for young geniuses.

Plot Edit

Shrek Academy Edit

He is first seen sleeping in an armchair of a rundown Spirit Shop. He after seeing Tang San shows an interest in the Hair Crystal raises the price to ridiculously high amounts but upon seeing his Twenty Four Moonlight Bridges lets him take it for free although Tang San pays for it nevertheless.

Later he welcomes the new Shrek Academy students. He then takes them to the Great Spirit Arena to compete in battles. Flender hold a class to make everyone eat Oscar's sausages despite the vulgar incantations. Following eating the sausages and feeling its effects everyone's attitude changes.

After Grandmaster comes to the Academy, he allows him to completely take charge of the training curriculum as well as the finances.

New Shrek Academy Edit

After the Shrek Seven Devils fight with the Emperor Team he and everyone meets with Qin Ming. At first when Yu Xiaogang proposes the student exchange he is reluctant but thinking of the students and the teachers future he concedes. After getting kicked out of the Heaven Dou Imperial Academy he happens upon a poster of recruitment to Blue Tyrant Academy. Immediately recognizing it as his friend's academy he forces everyone to join in. Thus he reunites Yu Xiaogang and Liu Erlong. Liu Erlong immediately hands over the control of Shrek Academy to Flender, renaming it as Shrek Academy.

Sunset Forest Edit

Flender accompanies the Shrek Seven Devils to get their 4th Spirit Rings. He helps Liu Erlong seduce Yu Xiaogang which however ends up in failure. He along with the other teachers hold back Spirit Beasts while the Shrek Seven Devils subdue Phantom Tiger. He then helps capture the Pit Demon Spider for Tang San.

Continental Advanced Spirit Master Academy Elite Tournament Edit

At the Continental Advanced Spirit Master Academy Elite Tournament he makes the Shrek Academy students wear Snot Green colored uniforms with advertisements on their backs causing heavy embarrassment for the students and large money gain for the Academy.

Following Shrek Academy's fight against Blue Sunshine Academy he tells Tang San to tell anyone who asks he doesn't know what happened to make the opponents imbeciles with brain damage. When the investigating committee comes to the Shrek Academy, he puts up an act, pretending to be all surprised and refuses to let the Shrek Academy students to be inquired telling they are all facing grievous injuries.

Prior to the Shrek Seven Devils' match against Spirit Hall Academy team, Flender tells everyone how proud he is of them and that all will graduate despite the outcome of the match and becomes emotional. He tells them, that safety is more important than victory.

After Shrek Academy wins the Continental Advanced Spirit Master Academy Elite Tournament and it is revealed that Xiao Wu is in fact a Spirit Beast, he along with Yu Xiaogang and Liu Erlong forms the Golden Iron Triangle Spirit Fusion to protect her even in the face of death against the might of Title Douluos of the Spirit Hall.

Shrek Seven Devils, Reunion Edit

Shrek Academy having obtained massive popularity since the Shrek Seven Devils strength allowing it become one of the leading Academies causes Flender to be very content. He delegates most of his work to the others and stays lazily idling around. Flender is ecstatic to see return of 5 of the Shrek Seven Devils and more so in the case of Ma Hongjun, who he is secretly very proud of due to his success in cultivation. He then proposed to hold a contest to showcase the strength of the pride of the Shrek Academy.

Unknown to him, he and Zhao Wuji were pitted against the Shrek Five Devils by Liu Erlong. During the fight, he immediately took to air, evading and battling from above. However he was shocked at the Shrek Five Devils ability, even more so with Tang San's ability to fly. He asked them to give him face and thus the Shrek Five Devils pretends to have exhausted their Spirit Power and pounded to the ground by an attack of Flender.

Heaven Dou Palace Rebellion Edit

Flender becomes extremely happy seen the resurrected form of Xiao Wu's body but baffled regarding its happening. He reveals that he merged the Four Element Academies into Shrek Academy.

When the Heaven Dou Palace Rebellion Takes place, he immediately answers Tang San's signal for assistance, arriving at the imperial palace with Xiaogang and Liu Erlong. The three of them unleash the Spirit Fusion ability causing She Long and Ci Xue to retreat with the unconscious Qian Renxue. On the way back to the Shrek Academy, when they encounter Spirit Hall members fighting Seven Treasure Glazed Tile Clan members, they immediately unleash the Spirit Fusion destroying the remaining members of the Spirit Hall.

Quotes Edit

We’re this old but still haven’t died, we’re better suited to blocking in front than you kids. If you are able to return alive, remember that all the profit I’ve made are in the private room of the headmaster’s study. Give it to Zhao Wuji and let him manage our Shrek Academy.

—Flender, protecting Xiao Wu from Spirit Hall

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