Hu Lena 2
Name Fox
Type Beast Spirit Type

Description Edit

Fox is a Beast Spirit which causes the user to exude a charming grace and which produces a bushy tail.

Variant Forms Edit

Nine Tailed Fox Edit

This is a variant form of Fox Spirit. It is one of the top ones among Beast Spirits because of it is uniqueness. Each time the user obtains a new spirit ring, another fox tail will appear. Along with it, the user's power will increase.

The Nine Tailed Fox Battle Spirit seems to be in between a mental attribute and an offense attribute. Because of this, cultivation path is also in between these two attributes. 

A nine-tailed fox spirit master was so rare that their lineage on the Douluo Continent was almost non-existent. It appears in an aboriginal ancestor from the Star Luo Continent and his nine-tailed fox Spirit once held great influence over the Star Luo Continent. 

Users Edit

Abilities Edit

Ability Image

Name: Chaos Fog (Manhua Only)

  • Hu Liena
Spirit Ring
  • Ring: 4th Spirit Ring
  • Colour: Purple
  • Spreads a purple colored fog and confuses and slows down the enemy.
Chaos Fog
Name: Charm
  • Cui Ya Jie
Spirit Ring
  • Ring: 1st Spirit Ring
  • Colour: Yellow
  • Confusion


  • The opponent must look the user's eyes.
Name:  Fox Tail Needle
  • Cui Ya Jie
Spirit Ring
  • Ring: 2nd Spirit Ring
  • Colour: Yellow
  • Concentrate the Spirit Power in the tails like needles.
Fox Tail Needle
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