Ghost Vine
Name Ghost Vine
Also Known As
Age 600+ years
Species Plant
Vital Status Dead

Description Edit

Ghost Vine is a kind of exceedingly horrifying plant system spirit beast, it has extremely powerful nerve poison, one need only be stung by one of its piercing thorns, and poison would immediately circulate, until dissolving into pus and becoming the Ghost Vine’s fertilizer. What spirit masters fear the most is the ghost vine’s parasitic ability. When it attacks, it would by its own accord send out countless minute seeds directly attaching to the victim’s body, These seeds absorb sufficient nutrients and grow on the host’s body spreading a nerve poison in a short period of time.

Plot Edit

A more than six hundred year Ghost Vine is killed by Tang San with the help of Nuoding Academy’s Dean, a forty second rank Spirit Ancestor with difficulty. Tang San Absorbs the Spirit Ring making it his second and gains the ability Parasite.

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