Giant Earth King
Giant Earth King
Name Giant Earth King
Also Known As
Age 4,500+ years
Species Spirit Beast - Scorpion
Vital Status Dead

Appearance Edit

It is very large in size. Its entire body is snow white in color. A tail made of a chain of nine tailbones rose high up, on top of it a fiery red tail hook was connected.

Description Edit

It is a fire based Spirit Beast. The scorpion called Giant Earth King was exceptionally tyrannical with a bloodthirsty nature. Not many spirit beasts of the same grade dared provoke it. Every five hundred years, its tailbones would increase by one.

The Giant Earth King was categorized into three different colors. A red colored Giant Earth King had a cultivation of less than a thousand years, each tailbone representing fifty years of cultivation. Once it had cultivated to a thousand years, its gigantic body would return to its original form, becoming small again but its body’s color would change from red to white. Also, if it cultivated to the level of ten thousand years, it would change color once again. At that time, it would become dark blue in color.

Plot Edit

The Giant Earth King attacks the Shrek Seven Devils at night. Having interrupted a passionate moment between Liu Erlong and Yu Xiaogang, she looses her temper and slaughters it leaving the kill to Ma Hongjun who absorbs its Spirit Ring.

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