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Gods are higher-dimensional beings who reside in a higher plane/dimension than Mortals and are the strongest beings in their original universe that is housed in a Multi-Dimensional Universe.


In the Douluo World, every single existence, whether they be planets or living things/energy bodies purpose is to undergo evolution. Which done by rising to dimensions which is the difference between ordinary creature and those who evolve. By raising one existence to a higher-dimension, they will began to understand the existence of multidimensional space they all live in. This is why it's possible for planets like the Douluo Dalu, Crimson Plane and Dragon Horse Planet to contain life energy above the universe itself. All of them have broken through from the 3-Dimension and into the 4th-Dimension.

Douluo Universe[]

The Douluo World universe is a multi-dimensional universe which is divided into ten levels, each level is represented by dimensions. From one-dimensional to the 10th-dimension which means the Douluo Dalu World is a universe that is different from other normal universes. Not only is it's a universe that is made up of infinite amount of higher-dimensional parallel spaces. But also a Ten-dimensional universe or point that contains infinite space-time, contains all dimensional universes, all possibilities, all time and all everything. It's noted that a grain of sand in this ten-dimensional universe would be no different than a infinite large universe.


They live in the Divine Realms which is a higher-dimensional universe that starts out as a 4th-Dimensional space and grows into a 5th-Dimensional plane that can cover a even wider universe than itself, which controls an infinite amount of lower-dimensional spaces. God Kings acts as the core of the God Realms for them to grow into a 5th-dimensional universe. This is where the gods anchor their existence so the whole Douluo multi-dimensional universe won't suppress and try to destroy them.

Their lifespan is unlimited if they have a god position which is an anchor to the God Realm and is their coordinate that keeps their existence in the Divine Realm. One can attain the strength of a God by either being born with divine consciousness, have an inheritance of a god position, which is in limited numbers, or cultivate until you break the limit of the rank of the world.

But to be a True God, one would need a God's Position, Strength of a God, and turn their energy into Immortal Qi. The ranks of gods are divided into God Officer, Third Class God, Second Class God, First Class God which are all part of the 4th-Dimensional hierarchy, with First Class having control over all 4th-Dimensional spaces.

Gods Officer - First Class God[]

While Mortals and normal planets are only 3rd-Dimensional beings, God’s themselves are beings who have broken through the 4th-Dimensional space. These being absorbs and accommodates an infinite amount three-dimensional spaces. Beings who just become Gods are God Officers, existence who are above ordinary creatures with life energy equal to the universe, being know as Universal Lifeforms. They can easily perceive and control these three and fourth-dimensional spaces while also being able to teleport anywhere in them.

Gods usually ban from interfering with the mortals and force to leave their home world because their presence is too strong. With just their presence alone being able to affect the normal order of their original dimension. They are also beings who defy the heavens, transcending beyond destiny and causality of their plane and lower dimensions. Them staying in their original dimension will cause a toll on it even while suppressed and will lead to its destruction. Gods are also very hard to kill as their qi keeps them in peak condition until they have no energy, they have very high resistance with their powers and can regenerate as long as they have their divine soul.

As a 4th-Dimensional being, they are not affected by anything a 3rd-dimensional being can do and requires one to be on their level of existence and be unbound by lower and their own dimensional effects to affect them. It's also impossible to calculate and plan against a god unless you are at a similar level or higher, since it won't have any effect on them.

First Class Gods are at the top of the 4-Dimensional Hierarchy, having mastered all of the 4-Dimensional spaces. They are able to feel the presence of the multi-dimensional spaces.

God Kings[]

Then above them are God Kings who are 5th-dimensional beings who control and are made out of 5-Dimensional spaces. Spaces that accommodates and holds an infinite amount of 4-D spaces and lower-dimensional spaces. A God King has the ability to see the past and future of the Multiverse at the same point in time, as well as the past and future of these branching universes. God Kings are knows as Lord of The Universe for being rulers of their own higher-dimensional universe and beings who dominate their own universe.

And just as how a mortal can't affect a True God, a God King can't be affected by the abilities and planning of those below them, such as a First Class and below because of the difference in dimension. Only way to affect a God-King is for a lower level gods to have a divine weapon that can bring them on the same level as a God King, reach the same higher-dimension as a God King or a higher-dimension than them.

A Divine Realm can be made by a God King who can convert Immortal Qi from the multi-universe and planets to form the higher-dimensional realm. They make the laws and concepts for their Divine Realm, having complete control over the rules and spaces in it. There is a new Divine Realm which is ruled by the Great Circle of Gods consisting of "12 God Kings(十二神王)".

Supreme God-King[]

The Supreme God-King is not a God Rank but a God-King who has absorbed the core of their God Realm, fusing themselves to it. As the Supreme God-King they have full control over their realm, able to change the rules and laws of it to fit their desires or needs similar to the Planar Lord of a realm. They are also able to siphon power from the realm core, allowing them to increase their strength and abilities. This also means if the God Realm was a higher-dimension than the Supreme God-King, they would be able to boost their strength to that level.

They can also leech energy from the realm to heal themselves or restore their energy and unleash divine punishment on anyone inside of the realm. Even if the Supreme God King is killed, they can simply revive themselves with their God Realm energy because they are fused to it. This is why one must either steals the Realm Core or destroy the God Realm itself to fully kill the Supreme God King. All of this can be done even if the Supreme God-King isn't inside of their God Realm since the core is fused inside of them. The Supreme God-King can also siphon strength from everything in the God-Realm, including other Gods and their Divine Weapons. It's also called the King of God-Kings because some of those gods who they can siphon power from are also God-Kings themselves.

Wild Gods[]

There are individuals who can break the limit of the world, but are not True Gods because they lack a God’s Position and Immortal Qi. They are called Wild Gods. Both can only be made and absorbed in a Divine Realm, so their lack of being a real God makes them have a Limited Life Span and Weaker In Strength. In Soul Land 4, the life limit of human spirit masters who became gods was 1,000 years thanks to the efforts of the life school in Shrek Academy. Those with unique bloodlines can live a lot longer. The Dragons of the Dragon-Horse Galaxy can live approximately 3,000-4,000 years.

Immortal Qi[]

Immortal Qi is the energy that flows within a Divine Realm and one of the components that makes up a Divine Realm. It is used by actual Gods as energy the same way spirit masters use spirit power, being able to suppress and nullify all mortal powers. As Immortal Qi is an energy that comes from a higher-dimension than spirit power of a spirit master. Immortal Qi is needed for a God to fully utilize their full powers and it's why False God aren't as strong as True Gods with Immortal Qi. As they are still utilizing the lower dimensional energy, leading them to be limited and weaker when compared to True Gods. Immortal Qi is also required for a God to unleash a divine weapon full power.

A God-King even without a God Realm can generate Immortal Qi by themselves, being able to strip it from the universe and planets around them. One of the reason why a God-King has the ability to create a God-Realm and why they are needed for it creation. It is also used to nature planets within the divine realm. Immortal Qi is a higher stage of energy. It is stronger than the Life Energy stored in the Eternal Tree.

Divine Consciousness[]

An individual develops a Divine Consciousness once they reach Godhood. Their spiritual realm reaches the Divine Origin Realm before they reached Godhood. Once they become a god, the spirit sea transforms into a divine consciousness, becoming golden and granting them the Divine Sense, that can't be noticed or sense by those without one. Their Divine Consciousness also allows them to summon and draw on their power no matter where they are. A divine sense is able to cover a dimensional range, allowing them to control and manipulate their own higher-dimensional spaces and the lower ones.

As a First Class-God, they gained a better grasped over higher-dimensional spaces. Allowing them through the Space-Folding ability, to instantly appear anywhere their divine senses covers.


Once one enters the god level, becoming a higher-dimensional existence and a lifeform on the universal level. One will gain layers of invulnerability that would further set them apart from ordinary creatures and further show why they are the strongest creatures in their original universe.

  1. Those in the God Level cannot be harm or calculated by by lower-dimensional beings. Meaning if one isn't in the same dimension or higher than them, it's impossible for them to affect and hurt them.
  2. Those in the God Level cannot be harm or affected by those who are still bound by the dimensional effects of the same dimension and lower even if they are as strong a God or stronger. For example, a God can't be harm by those who are still affected by the 3-Dimensional and 4th-dimensional affects. This is known as the dimensional reduction and suppression a God gains after their breakthrough.
  3. Those in the God Level cannot be harmed by those whose abilities haven't reach the Origin Level. As the Origin Level is a God Level characteristic, one needs to reach if they don't wish to be suppressed by a God, meaning they their abilities need to be equal to the purity of the natural element and reach the conceptual level.

These are the three layers one must bypass for them to harm or affect a God because of the nature of a God. But Gods who have gained Immortal Qi also has another layer which elevates them above other Gods who lack Immortal Qi.

  1. Gods with Immortal Qi can't be harm by lower-dimensional energy with them being able to disperse and shattered the attacks of other gods without Immortal Qi.

God Position[]

A God Position is concept that anchors itself in the Fifth Dimensional God Realm, becoming apart and fusing with the God Realm itself. It's because of this that Gods are able to live forever because their existence is tied to the realm on a fundamental level. With a God Position a God King won't be suppressed or destroyed by DD Multi-Dimensional Universe that destroys all God-King without one. Also a God without a God Position is generally weaker than those with one, as the position grants them a amplification in their abilities, as well as more control over the heaven and earth.

A God can't have more than one God Position because the two concept they embody will start to clash with each other. Usually leading to the God exploding from the two positions clashing. But it's possible to make a certain position through the combination of multiple concepts, such as the Emotion God position that fused all Seven Emotions to make the God of Emotion. Tang San was able to inherit two god positions by having Xiao Wu act as a carrier for one of the god positions when he is not using it.

There can't be the same God Position in the same Divine Realm unless both are at a different level. Like the Goddess of Light and The Godking of Light who embodies the same power but at different rank. Or if they are just similar to each other, embodying apart of the concept with another one.

Some god positions are Only One In Universe, a unique God Position crafted from one blood being unique and not see anywhere else in the entire universe. This means only that person dominate the laws and concept of their position throughout the entire universe, infinite dimensions and parallel spaces. The Dragon God is one of these positions.

Individual Ranks[]


Tang Xuanyu
D399233e22ebc5cf8212f6710fdd4efc (1).jpg

Dragon God

Hai Long
Mad god.jpeg

Immortal Emperor

Zhang Gongwei
God of light.jpeg

Light God King

Rong Nianbing
God of emotions1.JPG


Ah Dai
Death god ah dai.jpeg

God of Death

Huo Yuhao

God of Emotion

Lei Xiang
Lei Xiang SL3.5.JPG

Mad God

Ji Dong
Ji Dong SL3.5.JPG

God of Evil

Lie Yan
Lie Yan SL3.5.JPG

Goddess of Kindness

Tian Hen
Tian Hen.jpg

Heavenly Emperor

Ye Yinzhu
Zither emperor .jpeg

Zither Emperor

Zhou Weiqing

Strength God

1st Class Gods[]


Goddess of Envy


God of Greed


Goddess of Lust


Goddess of Sloth


God of Gluttony


God of Pride


God of Wrath

Water Goddess.PNG

Goddess of Water

Fire God.PNG

God of Fire

Earth God.PNG

Earth God

Wind God.PNG

God of Wind

Light Goddess.PNG

Goddess of Light

God of Darkness.PNG

God of Darkness

Kong Jian
Space God.PNG

God of Space


God of Time


God of Thunder

2nd Class Gods[]

Tang Wutong

Butterfly Goddess

Dai Mubai
War God.JPG

God of War

Zhu Zhuqing
Speed goddess.JPG

Goddess of Speed

Oscar-Food God.png

Food God

Ning Rongrong
Nine color goddess.JPG

Nine-Color Goddess

Ma Hongjun

Phoenix God

Xiao Wu
Rabbit God.PNG

Rabbit Goddess

Ah Yin
Ah Yin SL 2.5-002.jpg

Nature God

Tang Hao
Tang Hao SL 2.5 - 001.jpg

Titan God

Yi Zichen
Yi Zichen.jpg

Rank 115(True God)

Ling Zichen
Ling Zichen SL4 Manhua.JPG


3rd Class Gods[]


Sin God

God Officers[]

Wild Gods[]

Zang Xin
U 1593771804 1242699133&fm 26&gp 0.jpg

Rank 100(God Officer)

Cao Dezhi
U 1829172466 172267583&fm 173&app 25&f JPEG.jpeg

Rank 100(God Officer)

Long Yeyue
Long Yeyue g.png

Rank 100(God Officer)

Chen Xinjie

Rank 100(God Officer)

Yu Muchen

111(True God)

Meng Fei

113(True God)

Tang Miao

110+(True God)

Wang Tianyu

110+(True God)

Yang Hui

110+(True God)


110+(True God)


110+(True God)

Bai Lingshuang

110+(True God)


110+(True God)


110+(True God)


110+(True God)

Former Gods[]


Asura God


God of Evil


Goddess of Kindness


Sea God


Rakshasa God


Angel God


Food God


Nine-Color Goddess

Deceased Gods[]

Hui Mie
God of destruction1.JPG

God of Destruction

Sheng Ming
Life god.JPG

Goddess of Life

Zhang Chujia

120+(Super God)

Hou Dingzhong

120+(Super God)

Cao Yibao

120+(Super God)

Guo Zifeng

120+(Super God)

Jiang Weiqiang

120+(Super God)

Zi Wu

120+(Super God)

Li Yuyizhuo

120+(Super God)

Chen Keyi

120+(Super God)

Unknown Rank[]