Gods are the strongest beings in the universe. They live in the Divine Realms. Their lifespan could be unlimited if they have a god position in the realm. One can attack the strenght of a God by either being born with divine consciousness, have an inheritance of a god position, which is in limited number, or cultivate until you break the limit of the rank the world. But to be a True God, one would need a God's Position, Strenght of a God, and turn their energy into Immortal Qi. The ranks of gods are divided into God King,1st Class God, 2nd Class God, 3rd Class God, and God Officer.

There are individuals who can break the limit of the world but are not True Gods because they lack a God Position and Immortal Qi. Both can only be made and absorbed in a God Realm, so even though they have the strength, their lack of being a True God makes them have a Limited Life Span. In Soul Land 4, the limit was 1,000 years thanks to the efforts of the life school in Shrek academy.

A Divine Realm can be made by a God-King who can convert Immortal Qi from the universe and planet to form the realm. There is a new Divine Realm which is ruled by the Great Circle of Gods consisting of "12 God kings(十二神王)".

Individual Ranks[edit | edit source]

God Kings[edit | edit source]

1st Class Gods[edit | edit source]

2nd Class Gods[edit | edit source]

3rd Class Gods[edit | edit source]

God Officers[edit | edit source]

Unknown Rank[edit | edit source]

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