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The Golden Dragon King is one half of the Dragon God. It inherited the Dragon God's power of destruction and vast strength and endurance. Its other half is the Silver Dragon King.

The golden dragon king represents the strength, madness, and yang energy of the Dragon God.

It was revealed in SL4, that it also inherited the Time Element from the Dragon God.

Appearance[edit | edit source]

In the Divine Realm it had the appearance of a typical Western Dragon.

After being sealed into Tang Wulin, it's appearance has changed to resemble to traditional eastern dragon.

The Golden Dragon King has five claws, and it's entire body is covered in large golden scales. A pair of horns sprout from it's head, and it's body is of the form serpentine. It possesses two massive wings and it has five claws under it's belly. The Golden Dragon King possesses the greatest physical ability.

The dragon is over a hundred meters long and has eighteen rings of light around it which are the eighteen Seals placed by the Sea God's eighteen drops of Blood.

Plot[edit | edit source]

After escaping from the Forbidden Land in the Divine Realm, it wanted to destroy the Divine Realm and find the Silver Dragon King, but due to it underestimating Tang San, it got itself killed by the Sword of Three Trials which is a fusion of the Asura Sword along with the Swords of the God of Evil and the Goddess of Goodness and supported by the energies from the Goddess of Life and God of Destruction. This was a technique that they created especially for dealing with the Dragon God.

Due to the Goddess of Life and God of Destruction burning their Life Flame and using their fusion ability of Creation to contract the expanded Divine Realm, they were only left as the Divine Seed from which they were born.

The Golden Dragon King's body suffered damage at an unrecoverable level due to the attack so it instead used it's God Core to go into Tang Wulin, who was just a new born child, as a means of getting revenge on the Asura God who caused it's death.

History[edit | edit source]

It is originally a part of the "Dragon God", which later divided into two parts, the Silver Dragon King, which had it's immense spiritual power and control of the elements and the Golden Dragon King, which had it's transcendental physical ability.

The Dragon God was spit into two from the Asura Sword. It originally wanted to create a Divine Realm which was solely for Spirit Beasts due to the oppression they all faced under the human gods which was also supported by the Five God Kings in the Divine Realm.

But due to the influence of the Golden Dragon King's annihilation attribute it started out a war against the human gods which led to his eventual splitting.

Golden Dragon King's overall strength was equal to a God King, but it needs more than two God Kings in order to defeat it, as it possess Dragon God's formidable body's defense.

The Golden Dragon King's God Core was sealed in Tang Wulin's body with eighteen seals by the Sea God, that he has to remove if he wants to live. It will allow him to slowly absorb the Golden Dragon King's essence/soul into his body to slowly get stronger and be able to absorb more of it before the seals are broken prematurely.

The first nine seals are to help him get used to or adapt to the Golden Dragon King's power, it was advised to remove these seals as late as possible so that his body wouldn't be too affected from the Golden Dragon King's energy and can better adapt to it.

The seals after that are the actual essence of the Golden Dragon King as they all contain the Will of the Golden Dragon King in them. It was advised to release these seals as late as possible so as to not be taken over by the Golden Dragon King's Will.

The seals from the 13th seal will also start to invite the suppression of the World so it would get harder to unseal them as they go on.

But the Last two seals should only be released after Tang Wulin reaches the God Rank. At the end of it's life the Golden Dragon King sent out his God Core onto Tang Wulin because he was the only one who had not reached the God Rank among everyone present in the Divine Realm, this was also his only way of rebirth.

After releasing the final seal, Tang Wulin will become the new Golden Dragon King.

While he can also use the Golden Dragon Spear to have a chance to become the next Dragon God as well.

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