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This is a Divine weapon which can only be used by someone with a Golden Dragon Spirit Essence. It doesn’t contain any metal at all, it seems to be made from wood. It is sharpened on both ends, and its entire body is like a long and narrow shuttle.

The Golden Dragon had forty-nine ribs, but its descendants only had forty-eight. The Golden Dragon Spear was forged from the First Golden Dragon forty-ninth rib.

The Golden Dragon Spear has a special effect of absorbing life energy, and every organism that it kills will instantly be converted into nutrients for the Golden Dragon Spear, which will feed a portion of it back to the user.

Once it has absorbed enough life energy, the Golden Dragon’s soul within the spear will be triggered, and it will take it far and wide until it finds the person that possesses the Golden Dragon Spirit Essence, or someone with the Golden Dragon’s blood. If the spear reaches a living Golden Dragon, then it will integrate into the dragon as its forty-ninth rib bone and give the Golden Dragon the chance to evolve into the Dragon God.

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