Domination Domain Edit

It was a ring of golden light which circled a black rune. With every step it took, the Golden Fur Lion Mastiff’s body would slightly enlarge. With every step forward, it grew larger. It was already the size of a small hill in the blink of an eye. Its fur shone with a metallic luster as it bared its densely-packed fangs.

Its attacks and defenses would be strengthened greatly. Also, it would not feel any pain. All its abilities would be strengthened by at least fifty percent.

Lion Mastiff Roar Edit

It's an attack based on the Domain. A black shadow that was an exact copy of its head shot out from its body. The black shadow was much larger than its actual body. With its roar, terrifying sound waves turned everything within a hundred meters into powder.

This was not a spiritual attack, it was the vibration from its shockwave. The intense shockwave shattered the space.

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