Golden Tortoise
Name Golden Tortoise
Also Known As
Age 30.000+ years
Species Tortoise
Vital Status Spirit Soul

Description Edit

Golden Tortoises are known for their longevity, as they are a symbol of auspiciousness. As long as one cultivates close to them, they can avoid any calamities. As a result, they hardly have any enemies in the world of spirirt beasts. Any spirit beast would be willing to get close to them. They have no problem living to at least ten-thousand years. Golden Tortoises are very auspicious, and they possess great auxiliary abilities.

Golden Tortoises are the smartest among all tortoises.

Although Golden Tortoises couldn’t affect the destiny of the entire Great Star Dou Forest like the Auspicious Emperor Beast, they were still considered Auspicious Beasts. They were like the emperors of tortoises.

There was a legend in Xu Sanshi’s family, that if anyone from his family could fuse with a spirit ring from a Golden Tortoise, they could possibly transform the Spirit of the entire family in a Godbeast Xuanwu Shield.

Appearance Edit

Golden Tortoise is around two meters long. Not only is its golden turtle shell extremely eye-catching, it also seems to be very thick. The gold on its shell was extremely proportionate and deep, and every shell line was dark gold. There weren’t any flaws at all.

The Golden Tortoise’s head was different from the head of an ordinary turtle. There were three ridges on it, and it wasn’t oval like a turtle’s, instead being slightly triangular in shape. There were even a few barbs that resembled whiskers at the bottom of its head. Its entire head was dark gold. The further down its head, the brighter the gold was.

Plot Edit

It became the first Spirit Soul of Xu Sanshi.

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