Grass Snake
Jin Guang-0
Name Grass Snake
Chinese 草蛇
Also Known As Gold Light (金光)
Age 100,000+

(SL3 Raw & SL4)

10 years → 100+ years → 700+ years → 2,000+ years → 4,000+ years → 10,000 + years

Species Snake
Vital Status Alive (Conscious ring)

Description[1] Edit

Grass Snake is a Spirit Soul that Tang Wulin purchased from Spirit Pagoda and absorbed for his first Spirit Ring. The age of this Spirit Soul was only 10+ years at the time Wulin absorbed it, but he later managed to age it into a respectable age of 4000+ years using the Spirit Pagoda's method.

The time Wulin got the spirit soul it really was too tiny, measuring only about ten centimeters in length and was about as thin as a child’s finger. Its body was an earthen yellow color, and if you looked at it closely, a tiny rhombus shaped scale could be seen.

Grass Snake is a common small animal that is typically harmless.

A fully grown Grass Snake would be about twenty to thirty centimeters in length and about as thick as a finger. It would only be able to feed on some puny insects.

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