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The Great Circle of Gods was a realm created by combining seven divine realms together in hopes of achieving a higher realm than what they had. Allowing them to increase their strength and allow even more of their Gods to achieve a higher level of strength.

The Realm itself can be considered at the peak of the fifth-dimension and reaching the Divine Planet level. Although it isn't fully constructed, the realm center is at the level of the Divine Planet. Allowing their plane to see the past and future of all Multiverse.

With the help of the 12 god kings, it was filled with many animals, lakes, mountains, oceans, plant life, and etc. The realm is bigger than the seven divine realms, becoming the new home for the gods from the seven divine realms. A Divine Realm Council composed of 12 god kings was created to oversee the Divine Realm. Later on, the number of god kings increased to 14 and then decreased to 13.

But the greatest thing about this Divine Realm is that they can hold even more god kings. With each of the god kings being connected to the realm core, allows them to control the realm center even though they aren't the Supreme God King.

After the divine realm returned to the Douluo Planet, the divine realm was stationed near the planet, linked to the Douluo Continent by the Eternal Tree.[1] The Douluo Planet was designated as the core planet of the divine realm. From there, they begin to spread their influence (Aura of Gods) to distant planets, bringing them under their protection and gaining their power of faith. Some of the God Kings restored dying planets, sowed the seeds of life there, and accelerated their evolution, making them evolve to the appearance of their original homeworlds.[2]

In a thousand years, they have three galaxies under them.[3] The divine realm was fully stabilized. The rule to not allow divine beasts in the divine realm remained, so they went to the Divine Dragon Realm instead. The border between the Douluo Federation and Dragon Horse Federation acted as a border between the two divine realms.[4] By this time, the divine realm likely already reached sixth-dimensional space, the highest a divine realm can reach.[5]

The Seven Divine Realms:

  1. Douluo Divine Realm
  2. Child of Light Divine Realm
  3. The Kind Death God Divine Realm
  4. Space Speedstar Hen Divine Realm
  5. Mad God Divine Realm
  6. Zither Emperor Divine Realm
  7. Only I Shall Be Immortal Divine Realm

Divine Realm Council[]

Tang San held the title of Supreme God King, since he was voted by everyone in the council to be the leader. Zhang Gongwei held the title after Tang San reincarnated and later on, gave the title to Huo Yuhao. Tang Wulin and Gu Yuena became members of the council after inheriting the divine cores of the God of Destruction and Goddess of Life.


The so-called Godhood is a sublimation after one's life force has achieved a level similar to that of the Natural Elements in the multi-dimensional universe. Forcing themselves to ascend from a three-dimensional being into a fourth-dimensional being who is above the mortal universe. The definition of God isn't a real concept and simply something the races made to categorize themselves as. Thus, the apex of existence, for humans from multiple planets, formed the higher-dimensional universe that is the Divine Realm.

True Gods are beings who have attained the Strength, Position, and Immortal Qi of a God. Immortal Qi and a God Position can only be gained from a God Realm but a mortal can attain the strength of a God without a God Realm by anchoring themselves to a Semi-Divine Realm. Only a God King can manipulate and utilize Immortal Qi without a God Realm, as their existence can generate and take it from the universe. A God King can not be created without a God Realm as the energy requirement is way too much without exceptions. And a God King who resides in the multi-dimensional universe without a God Position will be destroyed by the Douluo multi-dimensional universe because they are seen as a threat.

Although, there have been exceptions. Crimson Mother was able to reach the god king level after risking her life absorbing the energy of the attacks from four universe fleets. She was able to hide herself from the universe principles to some degree.

A person must reach the god king level before they can create a divine realm. Tang Xuanyu inherited the god position of the Dragon God before he started creating his divine realm using the foundation of the twin planets of Heavenly Dragon and Heavenly Horse.[7]

In Soul Land, for a spirit master to become a god, they must either be revered by millions of people and spirit beasts as a god, like the Sea God, or inherit a god position like Tang San, Qian Renxue, and Bibi Dong.

In Soul Land 2, Tang Wutong was able to create a new god position or tablet because she was born in the Divine Realm.

In Soul Land 3, Yun Ming attempted to become a god by creating his own god tablet but died before he was able to complete the tablet. A person can attain the strength of a God by breaking through the limit of the Douluo Plane but they aren't a real God. Not even the Sage King who had the Strength and God Position was a real God, as he lacked the Immortal Qi of a God noted by Tang San.

In Soul Land 3.5, there are gods from other divine realms, but smaller than the Douluo Divine Realm. Some of them had inherited the God Position from gods in their God Realm, some had broken through the limit and others had made their own God Position.

In Soul Land 4, spirit masters are able to reach godhood in a certain sense because of the Semi-Divine Realm they are a part of. But it is not true godhood, since they are not immortal, did not inherit or create a god position, and lack the Immortal Qi energy that a real god would have. Making even the strongest of them weaker than the Gods of a Divine Realm in the same level and maybe even lower. At most, these gods can reach the power of a 1st Class God (Rank 120 Super God). Some were able to reach Half-Step God King Rank, either because of their bloodline or external help.

After the Divine Realm returned at the end of Soul Land 4, the difficulty to become a god has increased. Originally, a person just needs to survive the thunder tribulation to reach god rank, but now they need to pass divine trials to become a god. Those who already reached god rank are given god positions, except the very weak ones. They need to cultivate to reach godhood again, which means they are back to rank 99.[8]

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God King[]

1st Class God[]

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Water Goddess.PNG
Hei An
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2nd Class God[]

3rd Class God[]

Star Anise Mysterious Ice Grass
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God Officer[]

Unknown Class[]

Mu Yaowang
Haishui Xing
Mo Yue
Zi Yan
Zi Xue
Bai Jian
Piao Miao
Tian Qin
Meng Yun
Ming Ling
Zhi Shui
Yu Hua
Yu Ping
Hou Tian
Lian Shu
Lanlan Feier
Mei Lisi
Luojia Ruoxi
Zi Huan
Xue Mei
Ka Ao
Tian Xiang
Xi Yun
Mu Jing

Shangguan Binger
Shangguan Feier
Shangguan Xueer
Wu Yuehan
Dongfang Hanyue


  • Being a God is considered by many gods, a boring life, and they would rather go and explore the universe.