Green Jade Bird
Name Green Jade Bird
Also Known As
Age +1.000 years
Species Bird Clan
Vital Status Alive

Description Edit

The Green Jade Bird was known for its irascible temperament. It would attack any living creature that crossed its path. However, the interesting thing was that this soul beast was herbivorous. Its diet consisted mainly of fruits and grass seeds.

The Green Jade Bird had flesh of ice and bones of jade. Its body’s quality was the most domineering among all the birds. They also possessed a certain spatial power. Their attacks could hardly be fended off. Their bodies were the most formidable weapons.

When the Green Jade Bird cultivated to the rank of a hundred-thousand years, there was almost no chance that it would survive. They would turn into jade and transform into a huge gemstone. The gemstone would be of extremely high quality. Since ancient times, they were kept as collections by the aristocrats.

Appearance Edit

It is a colossal green bird. It has a vibrant appearance with a wingspan of around five meters. Its body is entirely azure green, as if it is sculpted from jade. Its emerald eyes flicker with a fierce gleam and its steel claws under its belly glow eerily. Even the edges of its wings look like sharp blades.

History Edit

It was a spirit beast that went extinct until the Ten Thousand Beast Platform of the Spirit Pagoda in Soul Land 3. The Green Jade Birds’ extinction was not related to human activities. Because of their irascible nature, they would often attack their own species making it difficult for them to procreate.

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