Gu Tianri
Gutian Ri
Name Gu Tianri
Chinese 古天日
Also Known As
Species Human
Age 9+
Gender Male
Hair Color Grass Green
Eye Color Brown
Personal Status
Vital Status Alive
Relatives Gutian Yue Triplet

Gutian Ming Triplet

Master Yeying Rong (Teacher)
Spirit Skyscraping Battle Eagle
Spirit Rank Spirit Master - Rank 11
Spiritual Realm Spirit Origin Realm
Spirit Rings 1 White
System Agility System
Professional Status
Occupation Spirit Master


Affiliation Eastsea Academy
Light Novel Debut Chapter 81
Manhua Debut Chapter 33

Gu Tianri is a spirit master who enrolled in Eastsea Academy in Eastsea City with his two brothers, Gu Tianyue and Gu Tianming.

Appearance Edit

History Edit

Gu Tianri was the first out of the brothers to register for Eastsea Academy, while at the time, Gu Tianyue and Gu Tianming were not able to because the former had a stomache and the latter had other things he had to do. As a result of this,

Plot Edit

Eastsea Academy Edit

Gu Tianri first appeared during the Class Promotion Battle between Class 4, which used to be Class 5, and Class 3. He and his brothers are the representatives for Class 3.

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