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Wulin, do you know? Only at this very moment I can truly love you unreservedly. You have asked me many times, do I love you? I have also answered you. But only now I can finally say really loudly, in front of everyone, announce to them that I love you.
— Gu Yuena to Tang Wulin


While posing as Gu Yue, Gu Yuena has long blackish-purple hair that is often tied in a pony tail. She also possesses a great pair of violet eyes. Though not particularly beautiful, she was described as being "delicate" and "pretty" with an average build and height for her age.

After merging with her other self, Na'er, Gu Yuena regains her true appearance. She inherits her counterpart's long silver hair and violet eyes, but looks more mature. She is described as being extremely beautiful and had everything that a woman could dream of. She had exquisite beauty and an alluring figure. It's to the point that every man who looks at her, skips a heartbeat and even other woman are attracted to her.

In Soul land 4, Gu Yuena is much more mature. She has a fairly tall and voluptuous figure. She is also occasionally seen wearing a dark-coloured mask when going outside of the Academy to hide her appearance in front of others.


Gu Yuena is normally a very introverted person who does not talk much. However, she is also shown to have a sharp tongue and is openly rude to people she does not like. Her dragon instincts sometimes tend to take over when those close to her are threatened, causing her to enter a state of frenzy. She also tends to become embarrassed when dealing with anything romantic.

In Soul Land 4, she has shown herself to be a kind teacher to her students and is grateful to Research Institute for taking her in. However, due to her amnesia, her dragon instincts seem to have taken over more, being very attached to Lan Xuanyu and quickly resorting to violence at the slightest provocation.

In Soul Land 4 volume 14, she met with Wulin, although they temporarily can't regain their memories, but her heart fell for him again, and acted both somewhat naughty and gentle before him.


Volume 1 - Awakening[]


The Silver Dragon King woke up from her long slumber from beneath the center of the Star Dou Forest, after she sensed the death of the Golden Dragon King. She roared in sorrow and anger. Before her was the sight of several spirit beasts kneeling to her. She led some of the spirit beasts to the outside world in order to learn about humans, so they can destroy them.

Class Promotion[]

Gu Yue showed up on the sports field of Eastsea Academy. She asks Wu Zhangkong if she can still enroll even though the enrollment period was over. She watches Tang Wulin and Xie Xie while they are doing physical training. She approaches Wu Zhang Kong and expresses her desire to enroll although enrollment is already over.

She is given a test by fighting Xie Xie. During the battle she showed control over six different elements (fire, water, wind, earth, light and space) and defeated Xie Xie.

P.S.: The reason why she chose to commit suicide in SL3 was because the bloodline of the Gold and Silver Dragon King would definitely cause one of them to devour the other. Only when she commits suicide and voluntarily lets Wulin swallow her to become new Dragon God, could Wulin live and not be driven insane, and the world would not be destroyed by the madness of the new crazy Dragon God.

She didn't know that she was pregnant with Xuanyu. If she knew it, she would not choose to commit suicide. In fact, Xuanyu's birth solved the problem that they had to swallow each other.

Divine Tools:

Silver Dragon Spear

Heavenly Sacred Splitting Abyss Halberd(Given by Tang Wulin)

Silver Dragon Dance Qilin Battle Armour