Heavenly Dragon Horse
Name Heavenly Dragon Horse
Also Known As
Age 10.000 years
Vital Status Spirit Soul

Description Edit

Even in the Great Star Dou Forest, Heavenly Dragon Horses are considered very rare. The blood lineage of Radiant Holy Dragons runs in their bodies. Although they are shaped like horses, their draconic lineage is actually very pure.

Appearance Edit

Heavenly Dragon Horse is like a white steed. Its body is like a horse, but its head is shaped like a dragon. White dragon scales extends from its forehead all the way to its neck and down its entire spine. Although it is already in the twilight of its life, it still continues to reflect the aura of light. The most eye-catching part about it is the diamond-shaped, dim golden gem on its forehead. Although the light that comes from this gem is dimming, it is still very bright.

The Heavenly Dragon Horse is more than four meters long and two and a half meters tall. If not for the fact that it appeares lifeless and its muscles are already soft.

Plot Edit

It became the first Spirit Soul of Bei Bei.

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