Description[edit | edit source]

A Planet located in the Dragon-Horse Galaxy. It is the home of Tian Long. Its twin is the Heavenly Horse Planet. Since the two planets are twins, they are almost identical in appearance and size. The planets are at a life level close to a Divine Realm. The planet has a total of 16 main cities. It is home to the Dragon Clan and many other races.

The Dragon Clan is divided into four ranks based on bloodline and strength: Low, Mid, High, and Heavenly. In the high rank, there are also divided ranks, mainly if the dragon can take human form or have the potential to become a Dragon Knight.

Dragon Transformation Era[edit | edit source]

This Era occurred when the Dragon Clan Graveyard attached itself to the Heavenly Dragon Planet after the events of Soul Land 3.

Cities and Notable Locations[edit | edit source]

Families and Races[edit | edit source]

Families Races

Dragon Knights[edit | edit source]

There are a total of 18 Dragon Knights. Each Dragon Knight is a Super God Rank with their mount dragons are either True Gods or Super Gods. A majority of them are Heavenly Dragons. They are the rulers of the Heavenly Dragon Planet.

  1. Heavenly Dragon Chief Seat - Tian Long
  2. Dawn Dragon Knight - Zhong Zhi Shang
  3. Arrogant Dragon Knight - Long Chaoyang
  4. Holy Dragon Knight - Huang Liang Wei
  5. Dark Dragon Knight - Lou Yayan
  6. Poison Dragon Knight - Lou Lan
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  17. Star Moon Dragon Knight - Li Jingyi
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