Holy Ghost Church
Name Holy Ghost Church
Also Known As
Empire Sun Moon Empire
City Radiant City
Head Zhongli Wu


Holy Ghost Church is an Evil Spirit Master's organization.

The most powerful figure in the Holy Ghost Church is there Supreme Leader, who is also the Sun Moon Empire’s Death God Douluo. Apart from her, they also have there sect leader and vice-sect leader. They are married. The sect leader is called Zhongli Wu, and vice-sect leader is called Feng Ling. There also have eight honorary elders below them, who are all Titled Douluo.

The evil soul masters in the Holy Ghost Church Worship Hall are the strongest. The Hallmaster of the Worship Hall, who is also the Chief of the Worship Hall, is the Darkness Holy Dragon and Dragon Emperor Douluo, Long Xiaoyao. He has eleven others in the Worship Hall under him. They are all Titled Douluo, and five of them are even Transcendent Douluo. Including the Chief, there are twelve of them. Their statuses are very high in the church. Only the Supreme Leader can command them. Even the sect leader can’t do so. The Worshipped are hired by the church. They aren’t all evil soul masters. The eight elders have lineages related to the church. That’s why they’re different. Furthermore, those that are evil soul masters in the Worship Hall are all very talented. Their martial souls are very strong.


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