Holy Spirit Cult
Name Holy Spirit Cult
Chinese 圣灵教
Also Known As Holy Ghost Church
Empire Sun-Moon Empire (Former)

Sun-Moon Federation (Current)

Area Douluo Planet
Head Demon Empress (SL3)

Description[edit | edit source]

The Cult is an organization formed of only Dark Spirit Masters. They take pleasure in many evil acts, be they murder, terrorism, torture, or etc. The Cult was formed before the events of SL2. During SL2, it was known as the Holy Ghost Church. The Spirit Ice Douluo, Huo Yuhao, led his generation of the Shrek Seven Monsters, along with many other powerhouses, to destroy the Holy Spirit Cult. The cult was wiped out and no more trouble arose from them.

They were assumed to be wiped out, but reappeared again in SL3. In SL3, they are a terrorist organization that mostly always remain in hiding, spread out across the three continents of Douluo, Star Luo, and Dou Ling. They kill in order to raise their cultivation by feeding on a person's negative emotions, blood, soul power, and etc.

With the help of the Federation and the Qiangu family from the Spirit Pagoda, they were able to smuggle two Godkiller-rank fixed soul ammunition inside Shrek City and detonate them, destroying Shrek Academy and Tang Sect. They lost many dark spirit masters and a total of seven Tittle Douluo. The Ghost Sovereign was gravely injured during the attack.[1]

Later on, they allied themselves with the Abyssal Plane and opened a passage in the Extreme North causing a large scale world war to occur that lasted a few months. In the end, all the top level powers were killed in the war and the cult was once again destroyed.

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