Hongchen's Yearning
Hongchen's Yearning
Name Hongchen's Yearning
Also Known As
Type Spirit Fusion

Description Edit

Hongchen's Yearning is a Spirit Fusion ability shown between Meng Hongchen and Xiao Hong Chen.

Hongchen’s Yearning was the name they had chosen for their fusion skill by taking the family name of the two siblings.

Appearance Edit

The scarlet-gold that covered it made the enormous toad that was over five meters tall incomparably dazzling. Its eyes were a shade of black that was as deep as an abyss. If one looked carefully at it, one would discover that the reddish-golden toad was three-legged. However, its eyes were flashing with the same light as that of the Red Eyed Ice Toad the instant it was about to spit out the reddish-gold whirlpool.

The reddish-golden light was filled with the clanging of metal and the toughness of ice. More terrifyingly, the air started to distort from its heat the moment it appeared. Various contradictory elements gathered together, forming a madness that was seemingly twisted and hysterical. Illuminated by the reddish-golden light of Hongchen’s Yearning, the entire tournament stage seemingly transformed into a sea of magma.

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